Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry is mostly well known for the gorgeous Celtic knotwork that is displayed on each piece. You can wear our Celtic jewelry with your medieval and Celtic outfits at the Renaissance fair, or you can even wear it with your everyday outfits. Aside from knotwork, we also have jewelry piece featuring Celtic crosses, Celtic dragons and serpents, and the Celtic Claddagh symbol. Our Celtic jewelry section consists of Celtic necklaces, Celtic rings, Celtic bracelets, Celtic pendants, Celtic earrings, and Celtic brooches. For the Celts, life was seen as a riddle, the “eternal journey”, so to say. They believed in reincarnation: continuous rebirth until complete spiritual rebirth was achieved. These knots symbolized their maze through eternity, and their understanding of various spiritual levels in the search for purification of the soul. The cross symbolizes the bridge to other worlds and to higher energy and knowledge. This is realized by the vertical axis, or celestial world, and horizontal axis, representing the earthly world. They are also considered solar symbols, sources of light and ultimate energy. The design of the heart held between two hands with a crown set on top is known as the Claddagh, and was reputed to originate in the Irish village of Claddagh, across from Galway. Traditionally used as a ring, it was a family heirloom handed down as an engagement ring, token of friendship, or wedding ring. The symbolism is as such, heart as love, hands as friendship, and crown as fidelity.

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