Skeleton & Skull Candleholders

The eerie flickering of candlelight over bone is an iconic scene right out of horror, as well as an intriguing touch of style to add to any decor. Real bone is hard to come by, though, and it also raises a lot of difficult-to-answer questions. It is far better to avoid the hassle and get one of our skeleton candleholders instead! They look just as good as the real deal, while also being far easier to explain, should anyone question the skulls on your table – or the skeletons in your closet! Our skeletal candleholders range in their styles from the iconic skull and candle pairing to more ornate displays that combine skulls, bones, and more into gothic decor pieces that would look right at home in Count Draculas banquet hall! Many of our skull candle holders are made from cold cast resin, and many are capable of accepting candles of various sizes – from tea lights to taper candles and votive candles, and more. A few depict grim reapers and whole skeletons as they keep vigil over the flame, and one even features a skull bleeding wax out of its eyes! Skeleton hand candleholders and gothic, elegant candelabras stand side-by-side here, and all will bring with them an eerie design that adds ambiance to any room. A bit of eerie and creepy style is not necessarily a bad thing, and you will find that these skeleton candleholders are all a perfect way to bring some gothic ambiance to your decor, as well as great accessories for those who need some candlelight for their next midnight ritual.


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