Skeleton & Skull Ashtrays

An ashtray is more than just a place to tap your cigarette or toss loose change that collects in your pocket throughout the day. One look at the skeleton and skull ashtrays found here and you will see that ashtrays can also be fine little decorations, as well as vivid and impressive collectibles to own and enjoy! Virtually all of the ashtrays offered here in this section have their own unique flair, ranging from fantasy to history and beyond. But their common factor is their skeletal, bony nature. Many are made, at least partially, out of cold cast resin, and all have a detail-oriented design that makes each one an impressive little thing to behold. Each gothic ashtray here depicts skulls and skeletal features in one way or another. Some lend helping hands, by offering skeletal hands that hold out glass ashtrays and bowls for use, while others just feature touches of bony, skull-infused design throughout the classic form of the ashtray. By far, though, the most common style of skeleton ashtray found here is the skull, whose open jaws or opened cranium serves to catch your ashes or hold your pocket-clutter in unbeatably eerie style. The skull ashtrays themselves come in a variety of forms, including classic bone-white skulls, spiked monster skulls, Roman soldier skulls, biker skulls, pirate skulls, jester skulls, and more! It goes without saying that any of our skeleton and skull ashtrays are great for gothic tables or for gothic rooms in general! So if you are looking to bring some haunting and eerie form and function to your decor, you might want to consider one of our skeleton or skull ashtrays, as they are good for much more than just holding cigarettes and catching ashes.


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