Pirate Trinket Boxes

Keep your small treasures safe in the same way as pirates of old when you store them in our pirate trinket boxes! These pirate boxes are ideal for storing jewelry, coins, small keepsakes, and all manner of treasure you deem fit to trust to these treasure chest trinket boxes. Many of our pirate trinket boxes are in fact shaped like pirate treasure chests and are often decorated with pirate skulls, skulls and crossbones, or even ocean beasts from the deep. We offer octopus pirate chest trinket boxes and kraken trinket boxes both in this category, their fantastically detailed forms perfect for keeping guard over your treasure. Our pirate trinket boxes are great for keeping your jewelry sorted. They also make fun and fitting storage containers for pirate coins, collectible coins, and gaming coins. No matter what you choose to store in them, you will feel just like a crafty pirate captain when you do so!


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