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While Europe was enveloped in the Middle Ages of kings, queens, and war, Japan was undergoing its Feudal Era, a time that is now typically seen as Japans medieval period. Many great figures came out of this period, including the samurai and ninja that Japan is so well-known for, and we pay homage to these figures in our oriental statues and collectibles section. Two groups of warriors are featured prominently here, and it was these two groups who helped to define the history of Japan. Our samurai statues depict these devoted and almost legendary warriors in a variety of poses and styles. Many of our samurai are true to their historical counterparts, possessing the classic armor of the Japanese warrior, as well as the weapons, so you will find the katana-wielding samurai who mastered kenjutsu (or the technique of the sword) and the bow-wielding samurai who mastered kyujutsu (the technique of the bow) here. Of course, we also feature Japans other legendary warrior, the shinobi, in a variety of impressive ninja statues, which depict these fearsome shadow warriors in a variety of positions wielding a variety of weapons, including the katana, the tanto, the kama, the shuriken, the sai, and the grappling hook. If the time is right, you might even find a few figurines from Japanese myth here, too! Of course, Oriental statues do not just include those of Japanese styling, so from time to time you will find other statues from other cultures, including, on occasion, figures from Chinese history and myth. For some, the Feudal Era of Japan was one of the most interesting periods of history, and for those who align themselves with the Japanese warrior and all their might, these oriental statues are great decorations and great gifts to give to all those who share an interest in oriental culture and history.


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