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Given the span of time that the Romans held their empire, it stands to reason that they would have featured several forms of currency and coinage, especially since each emperor wanted to have his likeness on roman currency. We offer a wide array of several types of roman coins, all faithful and historical reproductions, cast in pewter with either an antiquated or gold-plated finish. These roman coins come in various denominations, from the small as to the major denarius many of which feature the bust of the ruling emperor when the coin was first struck in history. Some coins even include detailed pamphlets, offering snippets of information not only about the coin but about the Roman activities at the time of the coins creation. These roman coins are fantastic as gifts: they are great for collectors, gamers, and re-enactors. And if they are not given as gifts, they are great for children of the appropriate age, as well as for roman and coin enthusiasts.


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