Fantasy Coins

Coins from fantasy are every bit as intriguing as the coins that come from history. These intriguing medallions of precious metal tell their own stories, whether they are coins that were not to be or coins from fictional stories. We have a selection of great fantasy coins, ranging from hypothetical currencies with a historic design to pieces of pure fantasy from the pages of your favorite books! Each and every coin in this category is quality made from fine metal. Many are struck in pewter and plated in metal, while others are struck from the very metal that history would have favored for coins. Some, like our French and Viking coins, are historical what-ifs, which is to say coins that match historical designs but were never actually struck or minted. Others, like those marks and coinages from mythic realms of Camelot, Westeros, of George R. R. Martins A Song of Ice and Fire series, and Tar Valon, of Robert Jordans Wheel of Time series, are pure works of fantasy, drawn from myth and lore and made physical in fine precious metals. Filled like a mint with impressive coinage, this selection of fantasy coins is just the place to look when you need some eclectic currency of your own.


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