Ships in a Bottle

Want a model ship but find yourself lacking the space required? Not all model ships are big space-takers that require you to clear away everything in order to make room. So if space is a premium but you still want a model ship, you should check out our collection of ships in a bottle. Now, there is always something intriguing about a ship in a bottle, and the smaller the bottle gets, the larger the intrigue goes. Just how do you build one? How do all those materials get into the bottle, and how do you move them and secure them into place so that it eventually looks like one of our extremely detailed little ships in a sleek glass bottle? Well, we do not know how it is done either, but the result certainly is apparent. Our ships in a bottle are detailed little models inside of authentic glass bottles. Even better, all of our ships in a bottle are models of famous, known ships. Obviously, ships in small bottles can only feature so much detail, yet these ships in a bottle are nothing short of thoroughly impressive for their size. So, let us run by the facts one more time: we have no clue how they are made, they feature incredible details inside of rather small bottles, they are extremely space efficient, they are models of real ships that sailed the seas, and they are all bargains. Really, there is no downside to our ships in a bottle as far as nautical decor goes.

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