Medieval & LOTR Pipes

Our medieval pipes are handcrafted by artisans who pride themselves in the quality of each and every pipe they create. Our medieval and Churchwarden style pipes are made from top quality woods such as briar, white ash, cherry, and red oak, and some feature exotic woods like Zebra and Ziricote. The stems of our medieval pipes are crafted from red oak wood. All of the stems are detachable, which makes cleaning an easy task. Every medieval pipe is then buffed with only the finest Carnauba wax to draw out the natural beauty of the wood. Medieval pipes are made with an interesting aging effect that gives these pipes a unique weathered look! The stain used to achieve the weathered look is completely safe and non-toxic. Most of our medieval pipe designs are inspired by the Lord of the Rings and are good for Lord of the Rings RPG and as props. Our long stem wooden pipes are fully functional, smokeable tobacco pipes.

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