No desk setup is truly complete without a matching paperweight, and we have the paperweights that will bring both classic function and unbeatable style to your desk or table! Our paperweights can provide just a taste of fantasy, historical, or pop culture fashion or be used to tie together an overarching theme in your home office space. Shop fantasy art paperweights featuring the work of artists like Anne Stokes, dragon paperweights, wizard paperweights, and even gothic skull paperweights. Our steampunk paperweights, paperweight compasses, and octopus paperweights can lend a nautical or Neo Victorian look to your desk. We even offer Templar knight paperweights for incorporating an iconic aspect of medieval history into your office decor. Be sure to check out our pop culture paperweights, too! Whether you are looking for the perfect piece of desk decor or simply need a way to keep your papers from blowing away, this category has a paperweight for you.


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