Alpine Village Buildings by Department 56

Create your own beautiful Alpine Village display with a series of intricately detailed and illuminated buildings as unique and diverse as the towns and hamlets of the Alpine and Bavarian regions of Europe! Craftsmanship and imagination combine to create the charming array of winter festival booths, Bavarian shops, rustic homes, and a quaint chapel in this village set. Oktoberfest music, ski chalets, savory foods, and Neuschwanstein Castle are just a few of the things that may come to mind when gazing at these pieces! These hand-painted porcelain buildings feature snow-topped roofs, holiday wreaths, and bright colors that will add a festive air to any Christmas setting. Many of these pieces can be plugged into an electrical outlet to spread a cheery glow throughout your wintry scene. Your miniature Alpine town will stand out among your other holiday decorations with its lovely and unique style.


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