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When you are flavoring and aging your own spirits and liquors, the flavoring essence is very important. After all, if you do not have any essence, you are really just letting neutral spirits sit around and gain age but likely not taste. So we offer a wide assortment of delectable essences which are perfect for use in any of your spirit-aging endeavors. If, perhaps, you consider yourself an experienced brew master, these essences are fantastic for use in any oak barrels you already possess – especially if you acquired your oak barrels from us! And if you are new to the wide world of personally aged spirits and liquors, then that is ok. These essences are still great for experimenting and figuring out just which flavor you prefer. Speaking of flavors, with choices that range from 3 different types of rum, 4 types of whiskey, orange brandy, and mead, you could be experimenting with flavors for quite some time, so you had best get started! Pick up one of our oak barrels, grab several bottles of our flavorful essences, and make some of your very own aged spirits today!


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