Barrel Stands

Each of our oak barrels comes with a simple stand, so you might be wondering why we would even offer any other stands. The answer is fairly simple. Sometimes, while the basic variety works, not everyone is looking for something that just works. Sometimes, people with discerning taste want something that speaks to them, something that has character. And for that reason, we offer a few variations on our barrel stands. We feature barrel stands that are made for each of our specific sizes of oak barrels, and we also feature them in different materials. Our wooden barrel stands are great for adding a new look an oak barrel while still preserving the all-wood appearance. And our metal barrel stands are fantastic for adding an elegant touch while still making sure the barrel and its appearance remain as accurate to period as possible. And most importantly, none of these barrel stands interfere with the functions of your oak barrel, so even if its elevated in a beautiful wrought iron stand, the spirits within will still age properly and still taste just as good. So if you want to change the look of your oak barrel, give any one of our barrel stands a shot: you will not be disappointed.


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