Woodland Creatures Fine Dining Collection

The woods are home to an array of adorable creatures. If you long to bring them to your table as guests and as decorations, then wait no more. We offer a Woodland Creatures Fine Dining Collection that is perfect for you, allowing you to easily add some adorable wildlife, as well as some great woodland style, to your table and to your kitchen collection. Filled with all manner of furry friends, this collection is all about adding something both fun and adorable to your table and to your decor. You can share your dining space with squirrels of different shapes and sizes, all of which are designed to provide a variety of different functions. Some of our squirrels will serve as salt and pepper shakers. Others will stand there, looking cute as they serve you desserts and appetizers. Others might provide nuts, finger foods, mints, or other fine treats to enjoy before or after the meal. Some will even accent your table and hold your guests napkin for them! All are made from quality materials, like fired porcelain, stoneware, rich hardwoods, and fine pewter, and all feature a level of detail that is nothing shy of lifelike! If you love nature, than the Woodland Creature Collection is something that you will not want to miss!


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