Medici Fine Dining Collection

The Renaissance was a period of artistic and intellectual rival, and now you can bring your own miniature renaissance to your dining room table! The Medici Fine Dining Collection is a collection of table and eating accents that takes inspiration from the era, bringing elegant details to your home to perfectly accent your next formal dinner or feast. Named after the Medici family, this collection focuses on the traditional fleur-de-lis, which adds a medieval sort of flare to almost any setting. White stoneware plates accented with pewter fleur medallions match bowls and chargers, allowing you to create a pristine place setting for each guest at your table. Cocktail and wine glasses sport stems like tall columns, and go perfectly with the scrollwork inlaid tags that you can hang around the necks of traditional decanters. Elegant yet not overdone, these pieces allow you to bring something artistic and subtle yet supremely functional to your table. Touches of scrollwork and some classic medieval symbolism blend perfectly with pewter, glass, wood, and stoneware in this collection, ensuring that each element is one that will impress. Perfect for a fine dining experience, the Medici Collection lets you decorate your table in a way that will make your guests feel like princes and nobles.


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