Unconventional Weapons

When the zombie apocalypse occurs, survivors will need to be able to think outside the box when it comes to defense. We carry a wide array of unconventional zombie weapons to fight off the shambling hordes. Our inventory includes pieces like zombie spears, zombie baseball bats, zombie hammers, zombie maces, and zombie katana. Our tactical bats are great for smashing zombie heads, while throwing spears work great for taking out the undead from a distance. Our biohazard katana and other ninja swords will allow you to use your blademaster skills while also serving as great collectible swords in the meantime. We even carry Michonnes katana from the Walking Dead to inspire you with her fighting spirit. A number of these items show off eye-catching designs with blood spatter graphics, camo prints, and matte black finishes that are sure to appeal to survivors. Browse these non-traditional zombie apocalypse weapons to find the perfect ones to add to your home arsenal.


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