Real Axes & Hatchets

Axes make excellent zombie killers when it comes to apocalypse weapons. The zombie axes, zombie hatchets, and zombie tomahawks that you will find here are rugged and reliable tools that can be used for battle and survival tasks. Functional axes can be used for chopping, splitting, and shaping wood for campfires and carving, as well as clearing brush out of an area. Our tactical axes come in all shapes and sizes, including a number with zombie camo patterns, blood spatter designs, or matte black styling. Our survival axes, survival tomahawks, and survival hatchets include lighter designs perfect for traveling, as well as heftier full-sized axes for felling trees and zombies alike. These zombie apocalypse axes are made from quality materials like high-grade steel to ensure that they will perform reliably for many years when properly maintained. Be ready for any kind of disaster or emergency by keeping one of these utility axes on hand in your home arsenal or bug out bag.


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