Zombie & Survivor Jewelry

If you want to look cool during the zombie apocalypse, make sure to check out the fun zombie accessories that we carry here. Our zombie jewelry and survival jewelry will appeal to anyone who plans to fight back against the shambling hordes. We carry zombie pendants, zombie necklaces, zombie rings, zombie bracelets, zombie earrings, zombie dog tags, and other bold designs for guys and girls. Our biohazard jewelry shows off the iconic warning symbol, while our other tactical jewelry displays weapons like bullets, razor blades, grenades, knives, and brass knuckles. Other functional pieces include paracord bracelets and compass wristbands, which will provide you with a length of parachute cord in an emergency. Other designs offer useful elements like bottle openers, ensuring that you will not be unprepared when the outbreak occurs. We make it easy to enjoy the style of the walking dead on a daily basis!


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