The Wild West refers the development of the western half of the United States in the latter half of the 19th century. As the West began to be claimed by pioneers searching for land and a new life, various challenges gave the West a particular aesthetic, generating iconic characters like the gunslinger, the outlaw, the cowboy, the sheriff, and the gold prospector. We bring the Wild West to its customers with a fantastic array of Western products like Western clothing and costumes, Western gun replicas, Western hats, and Western badges. Many of our historical pistols and rifles have been crafted for an authentic look. Our firearm replicas are non-firing but do include functional lock mechanisms and moveable parts. Our Western holsters and bullets will help to complete any collection. Many of our sheriff badges, U.S. Marshal badges, and ranger badges come in traditional star shapes, making them ideal accessories. Finish off any Western look with a fantastic cowboy hat, many of them made from high quality leather in bold designs. Our Western merchandise is great to use as stage props, costume accessories, or display pieces.

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