The Tudors rose to power in the year 1485 following the conflict known as the Wars of the Roses, a series of civil wars fought by the Houses of York and Lancaster. The first Tudor monarch was Henry Tudor of the Lancasters, who solidified his power and path to the throne by uniting the warring factions through his marriage to Elizabeth of York. However, it was perhaps his descendent King Henry VIII who made the Tudor dynasty most famous, inspiring the Showtime series titled The Tudors. The Tudor dynasty also included important rulers like Bloody Queen Mary and Elizabeth I. We carry an excellent assortment of Tudor collectibles and other products inspired by these monarchs and their rules. Our Tudor clothing works well for reenactments, theatrical performances, and costume events, as does our Tudor jewelry. Our Tudor coins include replicas of many iconic pieces of currency, while our Tudor gifts range from keychains to pencils to thimbles to miniatures and beyond. History buffs are sure to appreciate the historical style of our Tudor categories.

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