Steampunk Cravats & Scarves

Some of the most important Neo-Victorian accessories, steampunk cravats and period neckwear offer elegant detail to your steampunk formal attire. We carry an assortment of fine Victorian cravats, lace jabots, aviator scarves, and ruffled collars to spruce up any steampunk ensemble. Suitable for men and women, our selection of neckwear accessories goes great with our period vests and steampunk corsets to create an unforgettable alternative history ensemble. Decorated with steampunk patterns, metal gears, and other Neo-Victorian ornamentation, these fine pieces elevate your steampunk clothing to an art form. Whether you dress as an airship captain, Victorian lady, or steampunk nobleman, you will find a piece of steampunk neckwear here to suit your cosplay.


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