Japanese Helmets

The Japanese helmet, also called a kabuto, was worn with traditional Japanese armor by feudal warriors known as samurai. The kabuto helmet features a strong bowl that protects the crown of the head and a suspended series of articulated plates that protect the neck. Often the Japanese helm displays a crest of the wearers clan, adorned with Maedate (Front Crests), Wakidate (Side Crests), or Ushirodate (Rear Crests). These designs can be family or clan emblems or flat or sculptural objects representing animals, mythical entities, or prayers. Horns are particularly common ornaments, and many oriental helmets showcase Kuwagata, or stylized deer horns. A traditional kabuto was usually constructed from several hundred metal plates arranged vertically and riveted together. We carry an excellent selection of gorgeous samurai helmets, including a number inspired by historical figures like Daisho Kake, Date Masamune, Oda Nobunaga, and Takeda Shingen.


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