Womens Gothic Shrugs Boleros & Capes

When you are heading out for a night on the town or just want something that will set your gothic ensemble apart from the rest, one of these black bolero jackets or lacy gothic shrugs makes a great choice. These gothic cover up jackets and ruffled gothic shawls offer a hint of protection from the elements when you are dolled up in a long gothic gown or wearing a sleeveless gothic top, all while showing off incredible alternative style. Some pieces cover both arms with sheer lace material, while others form only a single sleeve and collar for a dramatic gothic look. Still others wrap around your neck or shoulders with beading, feathers, faux fur, or spikes as ornamentation. Many pieces look excellent with gothic formalwear, while others also mesh well with gothic punk apparel. Take a moment to browse through the unique gothic styles available in this section, and you will be sure to see something that catches your eye.


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