Licensed Costumes

Looking for that perfect Halloween costume this year? Well, we have licensed movie costumes from all the big hit movies from the past and current year. We have The Dark Knight (Batman) Costumes, Indiana Jones Costumes, Lord of the Ring Costumes, 300 Movie Costumes, Star War Costumes, Halo 3 Costumes, Sweeney Todd Costumes and the Corpse Bride Costumes (A Tim Burton Movie). Our movie costumes can be used for Halloween, Birthday parties, Renaissance fairs or LARP events. We carry all the popular characters from the movies and great accessories like wigs, swords, weapons, and masks so you can complete your look. Our costumes are not only great for Halloween, but they are appropriate for any occasion that calls for them, like costume parties, conventions and even bachelor parties. We will have more licensed costumes coming soon from other popular movies of the year.

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