Costume Prop Weapons

Realism in a costume is all well and good, and with any one of these Prop Weapons, you’ll be able to add a real looking implement of war and bodily harm to any of your costumed looks, all without compromising personal safety or the safety of others. Because any costume can make use of a good prop, our Prop Weapons come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the incredibly realistic to gruesomely grisly, down even to props that are fantastic pieces of fantasy. This broad variety ensures that no matter what style of costume you have or what prop weapon you seek, you can likely find it here. Whether you’re looking for a prop knife ripped straight out of a killer’s hands, still spattered with blood, or a classic sword fit for any medieval warrior’s grip, you can find those, and items of similar nature here. Next time you start putting together a costume and find yourself in need of a deadly weapon, don’t risk life and limb by going for the real thing, especially not when you can just check out the Prop Weapons and locate something that is just as perfect for your look, without any of the risks or hazards associated with real weapons.


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