Jungle Master

If you want a Jungle Master machete, then you are in luck. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of their machetes. To begin with, the machetes come with sheaths for when they are not in use. Nylon is a popular material for the sheaths. The sheaths allow a machete to hang at the wearers side. Some of the machetes have loops for sliding onto the wearers belt. At least one machete has a shoulder strap for carrying the machete on the wearers back.

Next, many of the Jungle Master machetes have stainless-steel blades. Some have blackened finishes on their blades. Meanwhile, other machetes have a polished finish. Also, the machetes have different blade shapes. Some of the machetes look more like cleavers. There are others that have curved blades. There are also machetes with straight blades. The Jungle Master machetes may have circular cutouts in the blade.

Then, the machetes have different materials and shapes for their handles. Some of the machetes have wood handles. One of the woods is pakkawood. Other machetes have cord-wrapped handles. Those Jungle Master machetes consist of a single piece of stainless steel with black cord wrapped around the handles. The cord provides a better and more comfortable grip than just the metal alone. The handles can be curved or straight. You should make sure that you stop and explore this selection of blades. You are sure to find something that catches your eye. When you are looking for a machete to take with you into the wild or on an adventure, check out our array of Jungle Master machetes.


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