Polyurethane Armor

Ready to take on the enemy in fierce combat? Need some lightweight armour for your next cosplay ensemble? Check out this great Polyurethane Armor. This armour is great for those who are looking for some LARP armour that is not heavy. It also benefits those who want cosplay armour that is low maintenance. These pieces of armour are ideal for that as they do not require conditioning like leather armour or rust prevention like steel armour pieces. Not only are they lightweight and low maintenance, but this armour comes in a variety of styles and designs. Become a variety of characters with the selection available. They have metallic and leather-like finishes for a realistic appearance. You can get a helmet, pair of bracers, and other pieces to protect your head, arms, torso and more. There are even sets of armour available as well. Dark Knight Armoury is proud to offer this array of Polyurethane Armor.


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