Chainmail Sets

Dark Knight Armoury is proud to offer this selection of Chainmail Sets. Ensure that you are protected for your next battle or adventure. Our selection includes a wide array of chainmail bundles. These bundles help to cover your head and torso. Some even have the option of covering your arms and legs as well. They come in multiple materials for a variety of different purposes and needs. You can get mild steel pieces. They come in different gauges. Some sets work well for reenactments while others are ideal for LARP and cosplay events. There are also pieces that feature aluminum chainmail rings as well as pieces with alternating aluminum and silicone rings. These pieces are absolutely ideal for situations where the look of chainmail is desired but not the weight. You can wear them in a stage production or with a cosplay outfit. The chainmail also comes in different finishes. For example, you can get chainmail with a darkened finish, which is perfect for those with an evil or dark persona. You can also get pieces with a natural finish which shows off the shine of the steel. These pieces work well with medieval, Viking, and fantasy characters. In addition, the sets come with different constructions. Some sets feature butted chainmail rings while others have rings with round or wedge riveting. Regardless of the one you choose, Dark Knight Armoury has a great array of Chainmail Sets to look at. There is sure to be something that interests you and works for your needs.


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