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In our leather accessories category we carry skirt hikes, belt slides, tankard strap, mug frogs and many more accessories for your costume or outfit. Everyone gets thirsty attending a medieval fair or playing an LARP or LRP event. We developed the mug frog and tankard strap to carry your favorite drinking tankard or horn. Our drinking horn frogs slide onto your belt and the horn is place into it. Don’t be left thirsty at your next medieval event and get your tankard strap. Skirt Hikes are a must for any Wench. They are great for keeping your skirt out of the mud and you can expose multi-layered skirts in contrasting colors or hike up a long skirt to just the right length for you. They are easy to use, pull a little of the extra skirt fabric into the rings and cinch it tight to the desired length.


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