LARP Weapons

When it comes to a Live Action Roleplay battle, nothing is better than having a weapon that looks, feels, and behaves like an actual weapon. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a staggering selection of various LARP weapons that are sure to be a perfect for virtually any style of LARP warrior, whether you are a knight, a berserker, an assassin, an archer, or anything else! Initially, a LARP weapon might seem like a good amount of coin to spend on something that you can just make yourself, but consider that these weapons possess a realism that can scarcely be created without the aid of machines. Combine that with the quality and durability that each of these LARP weapons offer, and you will see that these initial cost is well-worth the investment, especially once you consider how much time, money, and energy might go into building and maintaining your own hand-crafted LARP weapon. These LARP weapons come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors, ensuring that any warrior has the chance to pick the weapon that perfectly suits their needs. We offer swords of all shapes, ranging from Greco-Roman short swords to crusader style long swords and elven style scimitars, as well as great blades that are perfect for swordsman who like to get both hands on the hilt of a blade. We offer axes, hammers, and bludgeons of all sorts, as well as wicked polearms that will extend your reach by a good foot for more. We also offer LARP shields to give you that added edge when it comes to defending yourself, which is a must when you are out fighting the good fight. We also carry a number of character accessories, maintenance materials, and more, all to ensure that you and your weapon are fully prepared for a variety of LARP battles. Our LARP weapons are designed to last an average of 1 to 2 years without mistreatment and longer with proper maintenance and care. LARP weapons are ideally suited for use not only in live action roleplay battles, but also in theatric events and movies, and they make for great training weapons, too, thanks to their high degree of safety.
LARP Packages, LARP Gear Bundles, Beginner LARP Kits, and LARP Archery Sets
LARPers of all experience levels should check out the incredible deals we offer at Dark Knight Armoury with our convenient LARP packages. These LARP bundles include pieces like shields, swords, belts, frogs, bracers, and maintenance silicone spray. We also carry LARP archery sets that offer LARP arrows, bows, quivers, and other similar items. When you need a great kit to get your LARP ensemble going, consider one of these fantastic LARP sets.
LARP Props
Live action roleplaying is not always about battle, battle, and more battle. Sometimes, it is just as much about character development as anything else. And here at Dark Knight Armoury, we are happy to provide you with not just LARP weapons, but also a staggering array of LARP props and accessories that are perfect for use in a variety of LARP situations.
LARP Swords
When you think of a medieval weapon to wield in battle, more often than not, a sword is what comes to mind. The same is likely true when it comes to a weapon for your next LARP battle. That is why Dark Knight Armoury carries an absolutely huge assortment of great LARP swords, ensuring that no matter what style of blade you seek, you can likely find it here.
Zombie LARP Weapons
Zombies are a menace that can turn up absolutely anywhere. And whether by a necromancer spell or by sheer coincidence, they can just as easily turn up in your live action roleplay as they can in your neighbors back yard. Luckily, Dark Knight Armoury offers a selection of zombie LARP weapons that will help you deal with the undead menace properly.
LARP Daggers
There are times when close combat in a live action roleplay battle becomes too close. At such close proximity, swords and axes and all manner of weapons fail, yet here is where the dagger excels. For this reason, it is best to make sure that you pick up a LARP dagger from Dark Knight Armoury before you fully commit to the field of LARP battle.
LARP Shields
Swords, axes, blades, bows, bludgeons, pole arms, spears, staves, halberds. . . The list goes on and on when it comes how many ways Dark Knight Armoury offers you when it comes to beating your opponent in a live action roleplay battle. But when it comes to defense, nothing else will come close to the same level of protection offered by a good LARP shield.
LARP Throwing Weapons
A LARP throwing weapon is the perfect alternative to turn to when you simply cannot close with an opponent to bring them into your weapons reach. You did remember to bring a few back up throwing weapons, did not you? No? Well, then you had best pay a visit to Dark Knight Armoury, where you can pick up a few handy LARP throwing weapons to carry along into battle!
LARP Pole Weapons and Staffs
There is something to be said for a good pole weapon or staff. Not only can they be somewhat intimidating by virtue of their size, but their greater length also means you can dispatch enemies from further away! That alone is what makes each of the LARP Pole Weapons and Staffs you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury a winning choice when it comes to LARP weapons!
The warriors of old favored the axe because it was easy to make, easy to replace, intimidating to behold, easy to use, and devastating in the right hands. You can use a LARP axe from Dark Knight Armoury for many of the same reasons, especially if you are looking for a weapon that is simple, effective, and perfect for cleaving into one foe after the other.
LARP Maces
If you find yourself facing a foe that is encased in heavy plate armor, the weapon to turn to is a mace. And if you are in a live action roleplay, a LARP mace from Dark Knight Armoury will serve to make short work of just such an opponent, and in a manner that is consist with how real warriors from history dealt with their armored foes, too!
LARP Hammers
Nothing intimidates quite like a war hammer, and for good reason, as this is a weapon that has more then earned its reputation. And indeed, just like the war hammers wielded by warriors of old, you can crush your enemies and bludgeon them into submission and defeat when you march into battle armed with one of Dark Knight Armourys fearsome LARP hammers.
LARP Oriental Swords
Now you can take weapons from the Land of the Rising Sun into your next live action roleplay battle! Dark Knight Armoury is happy to provide you with a selection of LARP oriental swords. And once you get your first taste of how well an oriental blade handles in your own battles, you will be sold on how graceful yet effective these blades can truly be.
Adding a bow to a live action roleplay battle adds a whole new level of depth and play, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury carries a selection of great LARP bows. These bows are perfect for opening up a whole new realm of opportunities for a LARP warrior who has seen and done it all, whether they are encountering a bow wielder or using a bow themselves.
LARP Arrows
Just like a blunted sword is not exactly a good LARP weapon, a blunted arrow is not favorable as a LARP arrow. That is why Dark Knight Armoury is happy to carry an assortment of LARP arrows that are perfect for filling an archers quiver, providing a ranged warrior with all the projectiles that they will need to safely pelt their foes with arrows from afar.
LARP Scabbards
When real blades are concerned, a scabbard is a useful little utility that not only complements the sword, but also protects it and makes it easier to carry. In the realm of LARP weapons, a scabbard is no different. Many LARP swords do not include a scabbard though, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury offers a whole host of great LARP scabbards for your perusal.
LARP Sword Frogs and LARP Dagger Frogs
So now you are armed with a kick-butt LARP weapon. Say you want to keep that weapon at your side for all to see, but you do not want to carry it in hand every moment of the day. What then? Why, you pick up one of these LARP sword frogs or any of our other LARP weapon frogs from Dark Knight Armoury, which will secure your weapon at your side with ease!
Character Accessories
When it comes to a live actin roleplay event, your weapon is important, but your character look can be even more important. That is why Dark Knight Armoury is happy to supply you with a number of great LARP character accessories that are perfect for altering your own appearance and helping to transform you into the LARP character you have painstakingly crafted.
LARP Maintenance
Anything you take into combat, whether it is real combat, mock combat, training, or even LARP battles, is going to undergo heavy wear and tear. Thus, LARP weapons are going to need maintenance just like regular weapons would. Luckily, though, maintaining your LARP weapon is easy, thanks to the LARP maintenance section at Dark Knight Armoury.

"To start off I would just like to say... I am VERY satisfied with my purchase. I am Very Impressed with the quality of the metal when it arrived. For the price I doubt I could find better. As for the shipping and arrival.. Very timely, took a week to the day with just standard shipping and in my opinion is a very solid process. I have waited up to 2 months for swords in the past with other websites. The Chainmail shirt I ordered was heavy and well fitted, Which for not crafting to measurements I would say was very lucky or excellent craftsmanship to make the chain mail as well fitting as it is. All around I would give you 10 out of 10. I will definitely be using your site from now on for all my medieval needs. "

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