LARP Weapons, LRP Weapon, Live Action Role-Playing Weapons, and Latex Weapons from Dark Knight Armoury LARP Weapons, LRP Weapon, Live Action Role-Playing Weapons, and Latex Weapons from Dark Knight Armoury

LARP Weapons

When it comes to a Live Action Roleplay battle, nothing is better than having a weapon that looks, feels, and behaves like an actual weapon. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a staggering selection of various LARP weapons that are sure to be a perfect for virtually any style of LARP warrior, whether you are a knight, a berserker, an assassin, an archer, or anything else! Initially, a LARP weapon might seem like a good amount of coin to spend on something that you can just make yourself, but consider that these weapons possess a realism that can scarcely be created without the aid of machines. Combine that with the quality and durability that each of these LARP weapons offer, and you will see that these initial cost is well-worth the investment, especially once you consider how much time, money, and energy might go into building and maintaining your own hand-crafted LARP weapon. These LARP weapons come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors, ensuring that any warrior has the chance to pick the weapon that perfectly suits their needs. We offer swords of all shapes, ranging from Greco-Roman short swords to crusader style long swords and elven style scimitars, as well as great blades that are perfect for swordsman who like to get both hands on the hilt of a blade. We offer axes, hammers, and bludgeons of all sorts, as well as wicked polearms that will extend your reach by a good foot for more. We also offer LARP shields to give you that added edge when it comes to defending yourself, which is a must when you are out fighting the good fight. We also carry a number of character accessories, maintenance materials, and more, all to ensure that you and your weapon are fully prepared for a variety of LARP battles. Our LARP weapons are designed to last an average of 1 to 2 years without mistreatment and longer with proper maintenance and care. LARP weapons are ideally suited for use not only in live action roleplay battles, but also in theatric events and movies, and they make for great training weapons, too, thanks to their high degree of safety.
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