The Crusades Clothing, Swords, Daggers, Armour, Shields and Helmets from Dark Knight Armoury The Crusades Clothing, Swords, Daggers, Armour, Shields and Helmets from Dark Knight Armoury

Crusade Era

Starting in 1095, the Papacy, under Pope Urban II, called the First Crusade, which was stated with the intent of restoring Christian access to the holy places in and near Jerusalem. This act started a series of holy wars that would last nearly two hundred years, spawning a culture and a style all its own, much of which is now offered here at Dark Knight Armoury. In total, nine Crusades were launched to retake the Holy Lands, and with them, countless warriors left their homes to fight for holy justice and righteousness. This era saw the establishment of various knightly orders that exist even to this day, including such groups as the Hospitallers, the Templars, and the Teutonic knights, to name a few. Some of these groups, like the Templars, established such power and prestige that their reputation remains legendary, even to this day! Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer our own variety of Crusades era items, so that you can relive this era in reenactment with ease, while also showing off some decor pieces and collectibles that recreate authentic Crusader looks. We offer decorative and functional crusader armor, as well as classic Crusade era shields, emblazoned with crosses and heraldries, to show off your allegiance, whether it lay with a liege-lord or with an order like the Templars. We also have classic crusader helmets, like the great helmet, which is an iconic part of any crusader look. And of course, these were not wars of words, but instead battles, so we also offer weapons, like Crusades era swords and side-armed daggers, many of which will serve you just as well as a weapon of war as it will a display for your castle! All in all, a visit to Dark Knight Armoury will provide you with all the crusading gear you need, so that when next you venture out to the Renaissance Faire, you will be unmistakable as one of the brave warriors who has participated in the Crusades to retake the Holy Land!
Crusader Armour and Knights Armor
The Crusades were often said to be a Holy cause, one that would save the soul of a man, if he would only fight for god and salvation. For this reason, crusaders tended to be a motley crew, and, as you can imagine, their appearance and armour varied quite a bit. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a huge assortment, picked for peasants, nobles, and knights.
Crusader Clothing, Knights Tunics and Surcoats
You will need more than armor to recreate the ideal and perfect Crusader look. You will also need good crusade clothing, taken right out of the era, and lucky for you, Dark Knight Armoury carries a number of choice pieces that are perfect for creating the look of knights, errant warriors, and crusaders from that tempestuous moment of medieval history.
Crusader Daggers and Knights Daggers
Virtually every crusader made the journey and entered into battle with a dagger at their side. And truthfully, a crusaders dagger saw far more use than most would think. On any given day, a crusaders dagger might have seen use in battle or been used as a casual, everyday tool, making it something to always have, whether you are armored or not.
Crusader Helmets and Knights Helmets
When it comes to Crusades era gear, one of the most iconic and well-recognized pieces is undoubtedly the helmet. And here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide selection of crusader helms, ranging from classic great helmets to closed helms and more, all designed to further your Crusades era look, and to keep your noggin safe from impact, too!
Crusader Shields and Knights Shields
When it came to defense in battle, many crusaders turned to the shield to help keep them safe from their enemies attacks. And here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a number of recreations from that era, ensuring that when you want to look and feel very much like the warriors of old, you can arm yourself with a crusade shield that one would have gladly carried into combat!
Crusader Swords and Knights Swords
The first and foremost companion of any crusader was, without a doubt, the crusade sword. After all, the Crusades were Holy Wars, and wars require weapons to be fought, and few weapons are as prolific, versatile, and effective as the sword. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a huge assortment of crusader swords, so that you can arm yourself just as these ancient warriors would have.
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