Sleepy Hollow

Are you ready to embark on a dark tale that involves Romance, betrayal, and the ghost of a long-dead soldier? You had best be ready, because the tale of Sleepy Hollow is a classic, one that is perfectly retold in the 1999 film of Sleepy Hollow. Directed by Tim Burton and starring a few big names, this film is as entertaining as it is dark and ghostly. The film stars Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane, a skittish and eccentric police detective who is dispatched to the small hamlet of Sleepy Hollow to solve a murder. But gradually, his investigations draw him deeper into the towns political atmosphere, where he discovers a plot for power that involves betrayal, ghosts, and witchcraft. After all, with a title like Sleepy Hollow, you can almost bet that the Headless Horseman, portrayed by Christopher Walken, will make an appearance! And thanks to the items here at Dark Knight Armoury, he can make an appearance in your life, too! Here, you will find all the items necessary to adorn yourself as the spectral horseman, including the very weapons he wielded throughout the movie! We also offer attire from the other leading players in the plot, including the traditional clothing Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel, played by Christina Ricci, which is designed to be as period accurate as is possible! The clothing makes a great addition to any reenactor wardrobe who might want something from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and it is especially great for those who may want to recreate the Headless Horseman in all his cinematic glory. Fans of Tim Burtons work and the legend of Sleepy Hollow and its Headless Horseman are sure to be drawn to this category, where they will find all sorts of great licensed Sleepy Hollow items that are sure to excite fanatics and collectors both.
Hessian Horseman Pants
Even the Headless Horsemans pants are ghastly, featuring a style that would send a lesser man running in fear! These Hessian Horseman Pants are modeled after the same attire worn by the Horseman during the film Sleepy Hollow.
Price: $89.50

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