Firearm Replicas

We like to carry as much in the way of weapons as we can here at Dark Knight Armoury. That is why we offer a selection of firearm replicas. Of course, they are not quite your typical medieval fare, although that does not stop these realistic looking replicas from being fantastic collectables as well as great props and display pieces. Our fantastic firearm replicas run all across the breadth of history, ranging from traditional early firearms, like muskets and flintlocks, to the revolvers and the rifles of the Wild West, all the way down to the guns of the modern day. Each and every one of these firearm replicas has an incredible and realistic look, all while featuring a relatively safe construction. They are made from quality materials and are designed to feature the same weight and feel of a firearm, yet they lack any of the features that make a firearm dangerous. As a bonus, many of our replica firearms feature moving parts, including a working trigger. Please note, however, that none of our firearm replicas can be converted into working weapons or altered in any way to make them actually fire. They are built as replicas and will remain replicas. This ensures that they are safe for virtually anyone to handle. We also offer various other accessories that complement a replica firearm quite nicely, including things like replica bullets, some of which fit into the chambers, leather holsters for carrying and costuming purposes, and even display stands, to show off the great look of our replicas! These firearm replicas are great for gun enthusiast of all ages, thanks almost entirely to their great level of detail. Pick one or two up from Dark Knight Armoury, and you will have a great display item, as well as a fun little accessory to include in a variety of costumes, ranging from pirates to cowboys to soldiers and more. Please note that many of these items do look incredibly realistic and can be mistaken for an actual firearm, so carry and use them responsibly.
Blank Firing Firearms and Cartridges
Sometimes, a pistol needs to do more than just look real. And in that moment, Dark Knight Armoury has just the tool for the job - our selection of Blank Firing Firearms and Cartridges includes an assortment of pistols that do more than just look realistic. They feel realistic, took, and when you load them with the right blank, they will sound just like the real deal, too!
Cap Guns, Cap Pistols, and Cap Revolvers
At Dark Knight Armoury, we provide an excellent assortment of firearm replicas, including cap guns that are perfect for theatrical performances, historical re-enactments, and collecting. The cap revolvers, cap rifles, and cap pistols can fire caps in a realistic simulation of gunfire. We also carry cap gun cartridges and cap rings necessary to reload these cap firearms. Due to their realistic looks, these toy guns feature legally required red tips.
Civil War Pistols and Civil War Revolvers
American history buffs are sure to take one look at the Civil War Pistols at Dark Knight Armoury and fall fast and hard for their stunning look. These pistols, like all of our replica firearms, are made to look realistic, and in this case, the mimic the look and feel of the revolvers that were heavily used during the course of the American Civil War.
Civil War Rifles and Civil War Muskets
While the pistol was the preferred side arm of a soldier in the American Civil War, the rifle remained their preferred primary weapon, and for good reason. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a number of incredible, authentic looking civil war rifles and civil war muskets, all directly patterned off of the weapons most used by both Confederate and Union troops.
Firearm Display Stands and Pistol Display Stands
Rifles and pistols are not exactly easy to display, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury carries a small selection of great firearm display stands that are perfect for setting your chosen pistol or rifle up as a brilliant display piece. Of course, it goes without saying that these display stands are great for both antique and replicas.
Flintlock Muskets, Flintlock Rifles and Blunderbuss
The flintlock design quite literally revolutionized firearms. The first true flintlock firearm was made for King Louis XIII of France in 1610, and they remained in use as a popular and dominant firearm until the mid-19th century. Given such a long running span of use, the selection of Flintlock muskets and rifles offered at Dark Knight Armoury is quite broad indeed.
Flintlock Pistols, Blunderbuss Pistols and Percussion Pistols
The flintlock pistol is perhaps one of the most iconic firearms in history, not because of any particularly noteworthy event, but instead because it is often seen as the iconic firearm of pirates, a group that has captured the heart and mind of the modern era. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide assortment of flintlock pistols for both pirates, duelists, and more!
Leather Holsters, Pistol Baldrics and Draw Holsters
If you plan on carrying one of the replica pistols that we carry here at Dark Knight Armoury, then you are definitely going to want one of our leather holsters, too! Not only are these holsters perfectly sized for a wide assortment of pistols, but many also feature an authentic style that is perfect for a wider assortment of different time frames.
Modern Firearm Replicas, Prop Firearms and Reenactment Firearms
As incredible looking as historic firearms look, there is also something awesome about a well-made modern firearm replica, too. Our modern firearm replicas are quite varied here at Dark Knight Armoury, as we offer replicas of some of the greatest and most popular guns that were crafted and created within the last 100 years of war and combat.
Replica Bullets, Pistol Bullets and Denix Bullets
Another perfect complement to any of our firearm replicas are a few good looking bullets, and luckily, you can find those right here at Dark Knight Armoury, too! We offer realistic looking replica bullets in a variety of choice calibers, with some being generalizations that are made to fit many guns, while others are reproductions of shells from specific guns.
Steampunk Firearms, Steampunk Prop Guns, Steampunk Flintlocks
When you need a fantastic steampunk prop gun, look no further than the wide selection of high quality replica firearms that we offer here at Dark Knight Armoury! We provide a range of steampunk flintlocks, Victorian revolvers, and other steampunk pistols that work great for cosplay and theatrical productions. These non-firing costume guns display excellent details that give each of these steampunk accessories a unique look.
Western Pistols, Cowboy Pistols, Cowboy Revolvers and Calvary Revolvers
When it comes to cowboys, no gun is as iconic as the six-gun. The typical western pistol has gone by many names over the years, but it has always remained relatively consistent in its look, and it has always remained relatively popular, too. At Dark Knight Armoury, we are absolutely ecstatic to offer a line of realistic looking replica revolvers.
Western Rifles, Cowboy Rifles, Old West Rifles and Wild West Rifle
Some might say that it was the western revolver that won the west, but others could rightly argue that it was the western rifles that truly tamed the Wild West. Dark Knight Armoury carries a wide assortment of different western rifles, all of which not only feature an incredibly realistic look but also a stunning level of detail that is difficult to beat.

"'I'm huge fan because of your wonderful, large selection of high quality LARP, costume gear, and amazing movie replicas! My favorites being the renaissance and dragon leather outfits and all your beautiful bows! I also love all the collectibles, such as dragon figurines, dragon (which are my favorite, and I have a larger collection thanks to you), as well as fairies, and so many other wonderful pieces. You offer such a massive collection of awesomeness everyday, and you keep adding more!! Your site is the first I visit if I am looking for something new to add to my dragon collection, or something to make or add to a costume. It's also prefect for shopping for gifts for my LARP friends or fantasy lovers!"

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