Zombie Statues & Figurines

Bring a bit of the undead into your own domain with our zombie statues and figurines! We offer an assortment of zombie statues and figures that range from gratuitously gory to funny and tongue-in-cheek in their depictions of the undead. Shop here as well for all our collectible zombie POP figures, zombie bobbleheads, and zombie miniatures, too. Check out licensed figures from The Walking Dead, iZombie, Resident Evil, and more here. Whether you are a collector of zombie goods, shopping for a gift for a friend, or simply seeking something delightfully undead to add an extra touch of eeriness to your home or office, our zombie statues and figurines section is the place to find your next gory decor piece.
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Chained Zombie Hands Figurine

Item # WU-1468
Perhaps it is time for you to spice up your current motif with a daring accent like the Chained Zombie Hands Figurine. This playful item can be a great conversation started when your company sees this proudly displayed within your home.

Classic Zombie Figurine

Item # CC9246
This Classic Zombie Figurine depicts a part of zombification that most do not get to see. But then again, when zombies arise, most people are too busy fighting for their life to stop and look at a corpse that has turned but not risen.

Crawling Zombie Statue

Item # CC9601
Cutting down a zombie does not mean that you have taken care of the creature. In fact, now you might have just created a crawler! This Crawling Zombie Statue is a good reminder that a zombie without legs is still a threat.

Crow on Zombie Hand

Item # WU-1352
Resting upon an arm once wrought with rigor, the crow feels the fingers tighten as he lets out a CAW in the Crow on Zombie Hand Statue. Crafted from polystone, a rotted arm has grabbed a crow, and seems poised to make a meal of him.

Dashboard Zombie

Item # ZB-5012
There is still something of a debate as to which zombie is scarier, the slow one or the fast one. The Dashboard Zombie is neither. Instead of chasing you, this zombie is perfectly content to just sit and waggle its arms at you.
$6.75 $6.08

Decayed Zombie Head

Item # CC9142
This gruesome bust recreates the look of a zombie in impressive detail. You could say that this Decayed Zombie Head is quite lifelike, as well as quite safe, as this zombie head will not start snapping at those who get too close.

Dinner is Served Zombie Housewife Statue

Item # SC8306
You may want to politely decline if this housewife invites you to stay for supper. The Dinner is Served Zombie Housewife Statue depicts an undead woman bearing a meal worthy of her zombie state - brains!

From the Grave Zombie Pirate Statue

Item # CC9940
Dangerous when alive, pirates make particularly bloodthirsty zombies as their greed for gold transforms into hunger for flesh. The From the Grave Zombie Pirate Statue depicts a zombie pirate rising from his watery grave.

Glow In The Dark Flesh Eating Zombies Play Set

Item # ZB-5001
Your tyke will be the terror of his playground with this Glow In The Dark Flesh Eating Zombies Play Set. This disturbing and amusing toy is designed to attack, overrun, and maul any and all other toys that stumble into its midst.
$17.10 $15.39

Graveside Zombie Girl Statue

Item # CC9432
What was beautiful in life is now terrifying in death! This Graveside Zombie Girl Statue depicts a modern ghoulish girl as she drags herself out of the grave and across the soil as a zombie that hungers for human flesh.

Green Zombie Head

Item # SC8406
Part of the horror of zombies exists in their rotting flesh. The Green Zombie Head depicts a grotesque face of the animated dead with various bloody wounds, a worm weaving through an eye and ear, and a gray tongue.

Grimacing Zombie Bust

Item # CC9600
Once upon a time, busts were an artistic medium perfect for reproducing the likeness of another. In a world gone zombie, though, few likenesses are remembered, so the most common bust to see would have to be the Grimacing Zombie Bust!