Zombie Props

Whenever you are looking for something truly ghoulish to decorate your home or make a part of your undead costume, look no further than our zombie props category. Here you will find zombie puppets, mad scientist kits, doctor bags, lanterns, and other useful items for a wide range of creepy costumes. For the exterior of your home, we offer other pieces like groundbreaker zombies, zombie yard stakes, zombie tree huggers, hanging zombies, spinning zombies, and other outdoor ornaments to transform your abode into a spooky house of horrors. Scare your guests with ghoulish bats, toads, serpents, and vultures, or warn away intruders with butcher signs and caution signs. Some of the Halloween props are animatronic, while others stand still. These horror props are made from materials like plastic, latex, resin, and foam. All of them are incredibly detailed to earn as many shrieks and shudders as possible. Whenever you are decorating inside and out, turn to the zombie props section here to fill all your zombified needs.
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Free Food Prop

Item # HS-26011
Someone has gone and done a favor for any zombies that pass by. Perhaps the Free Food Prop is merely a peace offering or a diversion of some sort. Regardless, this sign is bound to distract plenty of hungry zombies.

Giant Skull

Item # SU-N0719
A head that needed a skull this big must have been huge, indeed, as this Giant Skull is far larger than most. It is also far more resilient then it looks, in spite of the numerous cracks and chips that are visible over its surface.
$200.00 $180.00

Glowing Black Reaper Hanger

Item # MB-M36932
Anyone who looks at this glowing grim reaper will think that death has arrived, although the reason for deaths arrival will remain unknown. The Glowing Black Reaper Hanger is a large decoration that casts an eerie and ghastly glow.
$65.00 $45.50

Glowing Zombie Hand

Item # FM-67153
Are zombies supposed to change colors? This one certainly does. The Glowing Zombie Hand is a novel little decoration that you can use indoors or outdoors to terrify and intrigue all of those who see it.

Groundbreaker Party Zombie

Item # FM-67144
Let the creepy Groundbreaker Party Zombie direct your guests towards the party! This eerie figure is all too happy to sit waist-deep in the dirt, holding a sign with its thumb pointed towards the gathering of tasty, living humans.

Groundbreaker Voodoo Ghoul

Item # FM-66791
Sometimes, zombies are reanimated because of strange, unknown viruses or infections. Other times, they are horrible experiments gone wrong. Others, like the Groundbreaker Voodoo Ghoul, are flesh-eating monsters raised by magic.

Groundbreaker Zombie Corpse

Item # FM-66788
Not all zombies turn before they are buried in their graves. The Groundbreaker Zombie Corpse looks as though it did not turn into a zombie until some time had passed, which is why it now bursts out of the ground.

Groundbreaking Zombie Bride

Item # FM-67140
It has been said that a wedding day is the most important day of a womans life. If that is true, this Groundbreaking Zombie Bride is not going to let a little thing like death come between her and wedded life - or unlife, now!

Groundbreaking Zombie Groom

Item # FM-67141
Still dressed in his dapper duds, this Groundbreaking Zombie Groom bursts forth from the ground to ensure his arrival to his undead nuptials. It is safe to assume that the groom will utter, Not even after death do we part.

Groundbreaking Zombie Hand

Item # FM-67046
Need a hand? The Groundbreaking Zombie Hand can offer an extra helping hand when needed, although it is help that anyone should be cautious of. The last thing anyone wants is a helping hand to turn into a hungry zombie.

Haunted Tree Stump

Item # SU-19817
Did you think that the haunted woods meant that there were ghosts hiding out among the trees? As you can see by the Haunted Tree Stump, that certainly is not the case, as the haunted woods are trees that happen to be haunted!
$360.00 $324.00

Horrible Hanging Pumpkin

Item # FM-67121
Years of pumpkins being mistreated and smashed have made this orange gourd bitter and vengeful. Trick-or-Treaters beware the Horrible Hanging Pumpkin! This sinister creature has a wicked appearance like that of a pumpkin ghoul.