Zombie Body Parts

The undead can certainly be messy eaters! Look at all these pieces they left behind. We carry a gory array of zombie body parts that can be used as props or decorations. Our butcher shop inventory includes bloody arms, chopped hands, severed fingers, decapitated heads, severed feet, bloody legs, zombie innards, and other gruesome pieces. Our zombie limbs, cut off heads, and removed organs come in designs that hang from the ceiling or are served up on trays. Drape some zombie intestines over your furniture, or add eerie light to a room with a color-changing brain. These zombie corpses and bits work great for Halloween parties, haunted houses, or playing pranks. Take a moment to browse our selection to find the perfect eerie accent for your needs.
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Bloody Zombie Intestines

Item # FM-65986
Anyone who has ever fought a zombie knows that they do not have need of virtually any organ in their body, which is why survivors find Bloody Zombie Intestines discarded or held in the hands of the zombie they belong to!

Color Changing Realistic Brain

Item # SU-N0288
Nothing is quite as eerie as catching sight of a realistic looking brain. Even odder is when the brain starts to glow and change colors, which is exactly what the Color Changing Realistic Brain does, making it an ideal prop for horror.

Color Changing Realistic Heart

Item # SU-N0281
Imagine how startling it would be to find a human heart just sitting around. With the Color Changing Realistic Human Heart, that is exactly the kind of frightening shock that you can give whenever you decorate with this impressive organ.

Decapitated Zombie Head

Item # SU-18683
Is that zombie head smiling, or is that just its normal, hungry expression? Maybe the Decapitated Zombie Head is smiling, although it does not seem to have much to smile about, especially since it has been removed from its body.

Hanging Bloody Foot

Item # FM-63053
A Hanging Bloody Foot is a great way to add a sort of macabre sense of ambiance to any location. It brings up too many questions and delivers absolutely no answers. Why is the foot chained up? Did it belong to a zombie or a survivor?

Hanging Bloody Hand

Item # FM-63054
Those in need of a spare hand can find one hanging on your walls when you decorate with the Hanging Bloody Hand. It is hard not to think of gruesome torture when you look at this severed hand, hanging limply in a metal cuff.

Severed Arm

Item # SU-N0527
This Severed Arm will really give you the extra length needed to reach out and touch somebody. That is not all you can use this severed limb for, as it features a rather eerie appearance that makes it a great touch to any horror decor.

Severed Body Part Set

Item # SU-N0343
Finding a severed arm is one thing, but finding smaller body parts is another thing entirely. This Severed Body Parts Set contains four small parts, all removed from their previous owner so that you can use them as instruments of terror.

Severed Foot

Item # SU-N0505
Nobody just stumbles upon a Severed Foot while walking on a normal day (and if you do, then it is no longer a normal day). Typically, severed limbs are only found whenever someone, or something, dangerous is on the loose.

Severed Leg

Item # SU-N0528
Do not get all tripped up over something as minor as a Severed Leg. Actually, that is something to take notice of, whether it happens to be your own or anothers. Severed legs are not common, and finding one is likely a bad sign.

Severed Zombie Foot

Item # FM-66671
The Severed Zombie Foot is a shocking, morbid piece that is perfect for adding a level of disturbing realism to your zombie outbreak. With its gruesome appearance and lifelike size, this prop will jolt everyone that stumbles on it.

Skinned Arm

Item # SU-N0695
There is a certain expectation that comes whenever you look at something named the Skinned Arm. This prop does not disappoint, featuring the gory look of an arm that has had every inch of skin peeled off, leaving only muscle visible.