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Your Dressmaker

Part of the fun and whimsy of celebrating the rich history and heritage of any culture includes the creation of a period costume. We take notice of suppliers that offer quality along with a fine selection of historical apparel. Of course, the beautiful gowns at Your Dressmaker caught our eye, which is why we offer our own special collection of their period clothing. From dresses, cloaks, shirts, and trousers, the tailors of Your Dressmaker offer handmade items that are sure to please the most discerning. Our assortment includes clothing for children and adults, perfect for a memorable family outing into the renaissance or medieval eras. Several dresses take inspiration from the Civil War, suitable for the role of Southern Belle. We offer shirts and capes befitting a noble knight, while our Dracula cloaks cater to the gothic genre. Your Dressmaker shares in our love for history and roleplay. So, browse through the excellent assortment that we have to offer. Be sure to check back regularly, for one never knows what we will come up with next.

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Abigail Waist Cincher - Limited Edition

Item # MCI-589-10
Pirate captains are swift and cunning. They also look great no matter what. Become a stylish captain with this Limited Edition Abigail Waist Cincher. It also works great for Renaissance faires, LARP events, and cosplay conventions.

Adventurer Pants

Item # MCI-505
Comfortable, stylish, and classic in their appeal with just enough detail, the Adventurer Pants are an essential addition to reenactment wardrobes. Do not forget this important piece of clothing when embarking on your next quest!

A-Line Petticoat

Item # MCI-145
The petticoat is designed to complement our A-Line dresses for the perfect shape. The A-Line Petticoat is handmade and consists of three layers. You can wear this under gowns and skirts to get an authentic period look.

Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood - Black with Gold

Item # MCI-624
The Black with Gold Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood is perfect for any medieval, Renaissance, or fantasy occasion. Made of smooth black taffeta and ornate brocade, this hooded Renaissance gown has an aura of decadence and mystery.

Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood - Black with Silver

Item # MCI-621
The Black with Silver Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood has unmatched mystique and elegance. This hooded Renaissance gown is made of smooth black taffeta and accented with ornate brocade in a damask pattern.

Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood - Blue with Gold

Item # MCI-619
Captivate the court and commoners alike when you wear the Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood. This long sleeve medieval gown is made of smooth blue taffeta with ornate gold brocade accenting the front and trimming the hood and sleeves.

Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood - Copper

Item # MCI-625
The Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood in Copper has elegance that will impress at any medieval court. This hooded gown is made of copper taffeta and accented with gold brocade down the front, at the sleeves, and along its hood.

Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood - Silver with Black

Item # MCI-623
The Silver with Black Alluring Damsel Dress with Hood has an air of both elegance and mystery. This hooded Renaissance gown is made of smooth, silver taffeta and accented with beautiful brocade in a silver and black damask pattern.

Antique Flower Renaissance Dress

Item # MCI-449
Beautiful blossom, leaf, and vine illustrations decorate the printed fabric of the Antique Flower Renaissance Dress. Handmade with attention to detail, this historic dress is inspired by the Baroque fashions of Renaissance noblewomen.

Antique Velvet Hat

Item # MCI-392
The Antique Velvet Hat is made out of a remarkable fabric that showcases the soft and smooth texture of velvet without its typical reflective sheen, resulting in a lavish yet refined look fit for a Renaissance or Victorian noblewoman.

Antique Velvet Renaissance Dress

Item # MCI-457
The Antique Velvet Renaissance Dress is made out of high quality, heavy velvet with a low sheen for a refined appearance. Delicate golden trim accents the lines of the dress, and faux amber gems decorate the sleeves and bodice.

Antoinette Renaissance Hat

Item # MCI-324
The Antoinette Renaissance Hat is a pretty, baroque-styled ladies hat that is made from elegant, ornamented fabric. It is available in a variety of colors and features a sewn-in wire so the shape can be adjusted.