Wood Shields

For a truly authentic experience, there is no better way to arm yourself than to carry along a wooden shield, delivered to you by Dark Knight Armoury. These shields have advantages that steel shields do not offer, while still featuring all the detail you desire, as well as all the protection that you would expect out of a fully functional medieval shield. As far as wooden shields are concerned, one of their greatest advantages is that wooden shields are generally much lighter than steel shields, which is a real blessing when it comes to carrying around a shield all day. These wood shields are also quite strong, so you have still got every bit as good a defense as you would have had with a steel shield. They are fantastic to carry around as a part of your perfect costume, as well as great for use in sparring contests and training matches. Wood shields also will not rust like metal shields will, nor do they require the same level of care that a metal shield might, giving them a much longer shelf life. they are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, echoing the looks of classic medieval shields like round shields, kite shields, and heater shields, as well as more classic designs like Greek shields, Roman shields, Celtic targes, fencing bucklers, and more. And add in that many also feature stunning designs, like heraldries and classic symbols, which are painted and sealed onto the surface of the wood, and you have a series of medieval collectables that will not only keep you safe in a fight but will also look great hanging on your wall! Dark Knight Armoury has wooden Templar shields, wooden knight shields, wooden Greek shields, wooden kite shields, and shields bearing the heraldries of kings like Richard the Lionheart and more. It is quite the selection, and it is all waiting, right here, for you to browse and enjoy.

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Wooden Blank Unpainted Greek Shield

Item # WS-91
This blank unpainted wooden shield in the shape commonly used by the soldiers of ancient Greece. It measures about 35 inches in height and 24 inches in width. The shield is made out of a 0.5 inch thick smooth composite wood.

Wooden Blank Unpainted Shield

Item # WS-27
This blank unpainted wooden shield measures about 25 inches in diameter. The shield is made out of smooth composite wood, which is considerably stronger and more durable than plywood. Two braces are attached to the back.

Wooden Celtic Griffin Shield

Item # WS-65
The Wooden Celtic Griffin Shield is a unique shield featuring a Griffin design painted over a rich wood grain background. This particular shield is made of plywood. This maneuverable shield measures about 20 inches in diameter.

Wooden Crusader Lion Shield

Item # AH-3890
In the medieval days, it was a common enough sight to see a knights heraldry emblazoned on his shield. This Wooden Crusader Lion Shield features a red rampant lion as the main charge, set against a bright field.

Wooden Double Dragon Shield with Boss

Item # WS-108
The Wooden Viking Double Dragon Shield with Boss may be one of the most intricate and beautiful shields we offer that is still considered fully functional. This Viking-style shield is as rugged and reliable as it is detailed.

Wooden Gold Greek Lambda Shield

Item # WS-67
The striking Wooden Gold Greek Lambda Shield is a beautiful, hand-painted wooden shield featuring a classic Greek Lambda design over a rich metallic gold background with a hammered metal appearance.

Wooden Gold Greek Lambda Shield

Item # WS-24
This shield features a classic uppercase Lambda symbol across the front. The design is historically accurate and similar to ones actually used. The Wooden Greek Lambda Shield represents the 11th Letter of the Greek Alphabet.

Wooden Gothic Moon Cross Shield

Item # WS-85
This hand-painted wooden shield featuring an original Moon Cross design painted over a solid blue background. Stainless steel studs line the border, and dual leather straps are used to secure the arm along the back.

Wooden Greek Medusa Shield

Item # WS-2
Wooden Greek Medusa Shield is a beautiful hand-painted and airbrushed wooden shield inspired by the art of ancient Greece. This Medusa design is historically accurate and can be seen in various books pertaining to ancient Greek history.

Wooden Greek Pegasus Horse Shield

Item # WS-79
The Greek Pegasus Horse Shield is a Greek styled shield made out of a 0.5 inch thick smooth composite wood. The Wooden Greek Pegasus Horse Shield features a classic black Greek Pegasus or winged horse design.

Wooden Greek Scorpion Shield

Item # WS-32
This hand-painted wooden shield features a black Scorpion design inspired by actual Greek artwork that decorated shields and vases. The Wooden Greek Scorpion Shield design has been painted over an airbrushed white burst background.

Wooden Green Dragon Kite Shield

Item # WS-72
Here is an amazing Renaissance Kite Shield featuring a green dragon on an airbrushed yellow and white background. The Wooden Green Dragon Kite Shield has been completely hand crafted and hand-painted.