Womens Steampunk Overbust Corsets

Whether you wear these steampunk corsets by themselves or over a steampunk dress or period blouse, you will be able to show off a stunning hourglass figure. We carry a wide selection of womens overbust corsets infused with the best elements of steampunk style. Made with brocade, velvet, leather, jute, satin, and other high quality materials, these steampunk overbust corsets offer incredible style while fitting snugly around your torso. Many of the overbust corsets feature steel bones for strength and structure, and some are intended for waist training. Metal clasps, shoulder straps, chains, buckles, lace, embroidery, and steampunk prints ensure that there is an overbust corset to suit your steampunk outfit. Some of our sweetheart corsets include cover up jackets or attached belts, as well. Peruse our many Neo-Victorian overbust corsets to find the perfect piece to match your steampunk couture.
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Kaizen Overbust Corset

Item # BR-0047
Displaying a pleated front and buckled straps, this zippered corset is perfect for modern and Steampunk ensembles. The Kaizen Overbust Corset can be worn as a top by itself or paired with a shirt or dress for additional style options.
$120.00 $108.00

Lady Of The Manor Overbust Corset

Item # DC1231B
The lady of the manor should always look sophisticated, noble, and well-dressed. Even with its simple look, the Lady Of The Manor Overbust Corset goes a long way in helping to create a look that fulfills all three of these qualities.
$39.00 $34.00

Lady's Locked Steampunk Overbust Corset

Item # WC235
If you want to rally your inner Steampunk goddess, look no further than this Ladys Locked Steampunk Overbust Corset. It has all you need to accent your Steampunk ensemble, while simultaneously accenting your womanly figure.
$149.00 $134.10

Medusa Steampunk Overbust Corset

Item # BR-0052
Perfect for wearing onboard a dirigible or while adventuring in the deepest jungles, this steel boned corset looks fantastic with Neo-Victorian ensembles. The Medusa Steampunk Overbust Corset features a zippered and buckled front.
$110.00 $99.00

Metallic Brocade Bonanza Overbust Corset

Item # VG-0030
Corsets reduce the waistline while emphasizing the best and hips, making them stylish ways to dress up your figure. The Metallic Brocade Bonanza Overbust Corset displays elegant brown brocade with golden details.
$128.00 $121.60

Olive Twill Overbust Corset

Item # BR-0007
Perfect for adding a refined hourglass silhouette to a military inspired Steampunk look or an everyday ensemble, this Olive Twill Overbust Corset displays a sweetheart neckline and brown twill panel trim with brass stud accents.
$110.00 $99.00

Petra Cream Overbust Corset

Item # BR-0001
The perfect touch of elegance for your formal ensemble, the Petra Cream Overbust Corset slims your waist to the ideal hourglass figure while offering a beautiful design covered in an overlay of cream-colored taffeta and lace.
$120.00 $108.00

Petra Cream Taffeta Overbust Corset

Item # BR-0062
Cater to your clever sense of fashion and your love for historical roleplay by adding the Petra Cream Taffeta Overbust Corset to your costume wardrobe. This lovely addition matches countless looks, limited only by your own imagination.
$100.00 $90.00

Pocket Watch Black Brocade Overbust Corset

Item # BR-0071
Step into a world powered by steam and fueled by Victorian ingenuity with the Pocket Watch Black Brocade Overbust Corset. Thanks to this lovely addition to your roleplay wardrobe, you will do so in a style worthy of an eccentric.
$120.00 $108.00

Pocket Watch Brown Vinyl Overbust Corset

Item # BR-0072
Unleash your combined love for Victorian fashion, steam-powered contraptions, and heart-rending adventure with the Pocket Watch Brown Vinyl Overbust Corset. This lovely corset creates a look that is utterly fascinating and unique.
$110.00 $99.00

Princess Cream Taffeta Overbust Corset

Item # BR-0068
With its pearl beading and gemstone detail, the Princess Cream Taffeta Overbust Corset creates a historical look that is gorgeous and breathtaking. Fit for ballroom or wedding, this lovely piece is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe.
$100.00 $90.00

Rock Brown Satin Overbust Corset

Item # BR-0066
Get ready for an exciting evening out with the Rock Brown Satin Overbust Corset as part of an unforgettable outfit. This gorgeous corset blends Gothic romance with punk rock, creating historical and modern looks that really stand out.
$80.00 $72.00