Women's Pirate Costumes

Anyone who says that women do not make good pirates has obviously never encountered a female pirate: they are just as mean and twice as dangerous. But if you want to be a pirate, you have got to look the part, because nothing is quite as disappointing as a lack-luster pirate. Luckily, you are in the right place to find the right look; Medieval Collectibles womens pirate costumes are fantastic and classic pirate looks that will not only make you into the pirate lass you want to be, but also ensure you still look visually stunning, as well. In this section we offer an array of dazzling pirate costumes, as well as a few pairs of pirate boots, to ensure that no matter what manner of pirate you are looking to dress as, you can find it here. If you want a flirty and fun pirate tease, we have a costume that fits perfectly, or if you want a fierce, no-nonsense, cut-throat swashbuckling pirate queen, then we can give you a costume that will have those pirate men bending knee in no-time. And since we have your bases covered when it comes to awesome and authentic costumes, the only question you have to ask is: where and when can I wear this awesome pirate costume?

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Vixen Pirate Wench Costume Dress

Item # LG-83157
Vamp up your pirate style by wearing the Vixen Pirate Wench Costume Dress to your next swashbuckling soiree or other special event. This off-the-shoulder costume dress creates a layered, corset-sporting look in one easy to wear piece.

Womens Assassins Creed Aveline Costume

Item # LG-AS85520
Inspired by the female Assassin from 18th century New Orleans, the Womens Assassins Creed Aveline Costume is a highly detailed costume kit perfect for dressing up as this video game character for your next convention or costume party.

Women's Black Pirate Vest

Item # FM-60696
A fantastic way to reinvent old pirate costumes is to wear them again, after you make an addition to the costume, of course! This Womens Black Pirate Vest is a garment to add to any pirate costume to give it a whole new style.

Womens Black Sea Buccaneer Costume

Item # LG-85563
Infamous for both elegance and ruthlessness, you rule the seven seas. For your next costume party or Halloween event, choose the Womens Black Sea Buccaneer Costume, a regal and feminine pirate costume worthy of your captain status.

Womens Bonnie Blue Pirate Costume

Item # RC-880272
The Women's Bonnie Blue Pirate Costume is a slightly different take on a pirate costume. Far from traditional, it is, instead, bright, chipper, and inviting. It is a pirate costume that is both visually appealing and elegantly pirate.

Womens Buccaneer Babe Costume

Item # RC-888609
Our Womens Buccaneer Babe Costume is fun and flirty, perfect for the playful adult. This costume includes the black corset with attached white blouse, the layered skirt, headpiece and eye patch for a classic pirate look.

Womens Captain Morgana Costume

Item # FM-75924
Sail the waters of the Caribbean in style when you show up wearing this gorgeous lady pirate costume! The Womens Captain Morgana Costume features a deep burgundy buccaneer jacket with black and gold trim along the front.

Womens Caribbean Pirate Babe Costume

Item # RC-887019
Our Womens Caribbean Pirate Babe Costume is for the wench who likes to partake in the pillaging, treasure hunting and other pirate activities. The costume includes the long vest with attached shirt, skirt, the head scarf and a sash.

Womens High Seas Pirate Captain Costume

Item # LG-85549
Take command of your crew in regal style when you wear the Womens High Seas Pirate Captain Costume to your next gathering of scallywags. This adult pirate costume has the look of a captains coat layered over a short and flirty skirt.

Womens High Seas Wench Costume

Item # LG-86673
For those both fearsome and fashionable on land and sea, the Womens High Seas Wench Costume is an excellent choice. This adult pirate costume kit includes an asymmetrical hemline one piece dress and a matching red velvet head scarf.

Womens Lacy Pirate Costume

Item # RC-888894
Our Womens Lacy Pirate Costume is fun and flirty, perfect for the playful adult. This costume includes the dress which features a floral print corset top with lace up front and black lacey sleeves.
$75.00 $50.00

Womens Lady Matey Costume

Item # FM-74929
Join the ranks of the infamous lady pirates of the past by dressing up in this charming swashbuckler costume. The Womens Lady Matey Costume features a dress that laces in the front, a brown jacket and matching belt, and a red sash.