Womens Gothic Hoodies

Cold weather can be somewhat unpleasant at the best of times, and we understand all too well how a nip in the air can ruin your look. For girls who enjoy a gothic look, our selection of gothic hoodies and graphic sweatshirts make a great solution. Many of these womens gothic hoodies feature bold depictions of fallen angels, dark fairies, dragons, skulls, and more. Laced ribbon accents, fringe, and witchy sleeves and hoods add excellent gothic style to these pieces. Several womens zippered sweatshirt jackets offer an alternative to the usual pullover style hoodie. No matter what the temperature is outside, you can be sure to stay warm and stylish in this selection of womens gothic hooded sweatshirts!
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Altar Drake Womens Gothic Zippered Jacket

Item # SL-00012
Dragons are a protective creature, seemingly born to horde and guard things. And the graphic on this Altar Drake Gothic Zippered Hoodie depicts a dragon doing just that - vigilantly guarding an altar topped with a grand gothic cross.

Black Rose Dew Gothic Zipped Hoodie

Item # SL-TR284201
What nourishes a black rose? Is it pristine, clear water, or is it something else, something darker? This Black Rose Dew Gothic Zipped Hoodie shows off a beautiful black rose adorned with a morning dew that is far from normal.
$50.00 $36.00

Dark Angel Buckle Cuff Long Sleeve Top

Item # SL-00774
For a striking display of gothic style, the Dark Angel Buckle Cuff Long Sleeve Top calls forth a powerful aura to ward off unwanted encounters. This modern take on classic gothic style features unique sleeves and an impeccable graphic.

Lost Soul Womens Gothic Zipped Hoodie

Item # SL-00016
Usually, when you hear the term lost soul, you think of someone broken, who has lost their way. In some ways, the vibrant gothic design of this Lost Soul Womens Gothic Zipped Hoodie depicts an angel who is, indeed, very lost.

Serpent Infection Womens Gothic Hoodie

Item # SL-00051
If you want to become part dragon, then there is no better way to then to don this Serpent Infection Womens Gothic Hoodie. You never know, it might infect you with some of its style, which will slowly start your transformation.
$55.00 $48.00

Vamp Fangs Lace-up Full Zip Hoodie

Item # SL-00832
Dare you enter the vampires mansion lair? The Vamp Fangs Lace-up Full Zip Hoodie features eye-catching gothic vampire graphics on its front and back while grommets and lacing down the sleeves and on the hood make a fearsome statement.

Womens Lycos Wings Hoodie

Item # SL-00138
Featuring a splendidly colorful and vivid design, the Womens Lycos Wings Hoodie depicts a gray wolf celebrating its new wings. This sweatshirt is both eye catching and comfortable, making it a superb addition to any wardrobe.

Womens Metal Streetwear Hoodie

Item # SL-00137
Striking a magnificent blend between gothic styling and comfort, the Womens Metal Streetwear Hoodie features an all-black minimalist design which is sure to complement your style while keeping you warm and relaxed.