Women's Costume Capes & Robes

We at Medieval Collectibles understand the value of a good cape; like any good accessory, a good cape or robe can make or break an otherwise excellent costume. So if you believe that your costume needs that flair that only a good cape can provide, then you need look no further then here, at our costume capes and robes. Not only do we carry various styles of capes, in different sizes and cuts, but we also carry several different colors of capes and robes. We have hooded capes in black, red, and white; we have hoodless capes in red, burgundy, and black. We have capes that reach nearly the floor and capes that stop just-short of the knees. And if a cape is not the touch you need, then try out a robe; we offer a number of robes that can make any costume a bit more intriguing and mysterious, if not down-right mystical. And of course, our robes can also stand alone as the beginnings of great costumes, if that should be your wish. So if your costume is missing something and you cannot put your finger on what that something is, check out our costume capes and robes; your costume might just be missing a good cape or robe.

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Harry Potter Slytherin Replica Robe

Item # RC-810327
If cunning and ambition describe you, then the Harry Potter Slytherin Replica Robe is the perfect option for you this Halloween. The Hogwarts school robes are the ideal finishing touch to your Slytherin witch or wizard ensemble.

Long Black Satin Costume Cape

Item # RC-16204
The next time you plan on dressing as a vampire or villain and need a bit of flair for your ensemble, make sure you have this Long Black Satin Costume Cape at the ready. This full length black satin cape is elegant and versatile.

Long Hooded Polyester Costume Cape

Item # RC-16210
Our Long Hooded Polyester Costume Cape is a versatile piece for costuming. Whatever theme you are dressing as, Medieval, Renaissance, Gothic, or Pirate, a cape is the perfect accessory. It is made from polyester and features a hood.

Medieval Maiden Faux Fur Trim Cloak

Item # RC-16128
Lead an army of barbarians as a warrior queen, or present a graceful figure at a Renaissance fair with the Medieval Faux Fur Trim Cloak. With its faux animal shoulder throw and furry accents, this accessory creates the right look.

Medieval Warrior Faux Fur Trim Cloak

Item # RC-16127
Snow crunches beneath your feet as you continue your journey. Neither man nor nature will defeat your goal. Whether you are destined for a throne, or a knight on sacred quest, the Medieval Warrior Faux Fur Trim Cloak fits the role.

Mistress of Midnight Hooded Robe

Item # RC-34308
An exquisitely designed style accent, this Mistress of Midnight Hooded Robe is inspired by gothic influence. When you wear this full-length robe, featuring an attached hood, you will have the attention of everybody in the room.

Reversible Velvet Costume Cape

Item # RC-34288
Good or evil, the choice is yours! Make a dramatic entrance into any event wearing this Reversible Velvet Costume Cape. This cape is made of velvet-like polyester fabric, and is a great accessory for a variety of mysterious looks.

Sheer Black Hooded Cape

Item # RC-34295
Wearing the Sheer Black Hooded Cape will ensure that all eyes are drawn to your bold ensemble, as your cape flutters in the wind while you walk to your destination. This stylish black cape drapes all the way down to your ankles.

Silver Brocade Blue Velvet Cape

Item # RC-16130
Move gracefully through an enchanted forest as an Elven maiden from a fantasy realm, or appear at a Renaissance fair as a member of the royal court. The Silver Brocade Blue Velvet Cape adds to the beauty and mystery of your role.

Vampire's Velvet Lace Costume Cape

Item # FM-66050
What better way is there to show off your own vampiric style than to dress in dark, elegant garments? Wearing this Vampires Velvet Lace Costume Cape will definitely make you feel like a luxuriously dressed vampire or a gothic noble.

Victorian Black Lace Costume Cape

Item # FM-64693
This Victorian Black Lace Costume Cape is a versatile piece that would make a perfect complement to any elegant ladies costume. Made from luxurious materials, this cape brings with it a lavish look and feel that is difficult to beat.

Violet Night Cloak

Item # RC-820982
Purple is the color of the night - dark, mysterious, and just a little bit ominous. With the Violet Night Cloak, you can take the mystique of a night sky devoid of stars above a silent forest and wrap it up around your persona.