Wolf Statues & Collectibles

Welcome the spirit of the wolf into your home with our wolf statues and collectibles. We offer a wide variety of wolf products here in quite a range of styles. Here you will find werewolf statues as well as wolf and fairy statues, displaying the dichotomy of this both beloved and feared beast. Our wolf statues are made of fine materials, like high quality cast resin and cast bronze, and many are painted or accented by hand. Also shop here for all of our wolf home decor pieces, ranging from wolf bookends and staplers to accent your desk as well as wolf trinket boxes, fantasy wolf art prints, wolf wall clocks, and wolf spirit boards to bring personal style to your home. For all things featuring wolves, from fantasy styled to ferocious, be sure to browse through our selection here.
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Grey Wolf Pelt Skull Statue

Item # CC12987
The Grey Wolf Pelt Skull Statue depicts a grinning skull with a grey wolf pelt on its head. This statue makes a great decor piece or gift for someone. Give it to someone who like skeletons, skulls, or other dark inspired decor.

Guidance Wolf Statue

Item # WU-1954
The Guidance Wolf Statue shows a beautiful interaction between parent wolf and pup. Made of high quality polystone with an incredible level of detail, this hand painted wolf statue is based on the work of wildlife artist Lisa Parker.

Horned Steampunk Skull Box

Item # CC10451
Even the forward press of technology has not eradicated the macabre fascination of death. The Horned Steampunk Skull Box depicts a skull with horns, half of the head still bone while the other half shows metal and gears.

Howl by Ruth Thompson

Item # WU-1789
Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up and she has become leader of a pack of shaggy wolves. Wearing a fitted red dress and opera length black gloves, Ms. Hood displays a strong spirit. Howl by Ruth Thompson makes a fierce gift.

Howling Snow Wolf Statue

Item # 05-54596
There are wolves as white as the moon shining in the sky. The Howling Snow Wolf Statue shows one of those wolves calling to its celestial counterpart. This statue makes a wonderful home decor piece or a gift for a wolf enthusiast.

Howling Steampunk Wolf Statue

Item # CC12164
With technology moving ahead at rates like these, you are running out of ways to protect yourself from ever-advancing criminals. Luckily, you have created the most advanced and ferocious automaton yet: the Howling Steampunk Wolf Statue!

Howling Wolf Bookends

Item # CC13030
Wolves are known to be strong and powerful. Allow those canine creatures to guard and protect your precious novels with the Howling Wolf Bookends. These bookends are a fantastic home decor item and make a great gift for wolf lovers.

Howling Wolf Incense Burner

Item # CC13029
The full moon often calls to the wolf. The wolf howls back in return. The Howling Wolf Incense Burner marks this nocturnal conversation of the wild. This incense burner makes a great home decor item or a gift for a nature lover.

Loyal Companions Art Print

Item # 090-WP510LP
Tenderly resting together, the wolves in our Loyal Companions Art Print are delicately detailed, with every strand of fur painted with care. This stunning piece by Lisa Parker comes complete with wooden frame and mounting hardware.

Moonsong Statue By Ed Beard Jr.

Item # WU-1723
The beasts depicted in the Moonsong Statue By Ed Beard Jr. serve as symbols of the East and West. In the artwork that inspired this polystone diorama, the artist sought to bring the two worlds together by emphasizing similarities.

Protector Canvas Art Print by Anne Stokes

Item # 090-WP552AS
In the frozen tundra, protection is necessary from every element. Wolves are one of the most vigilant guardians in nature, and the Protector Canvas Art Print by Anne Stokes is a stunning way to accent that concept in your home.

Prowling Snow Wolf Statue

Item # 05-54597
Wolves are guardians and hunters. People consider them to be loyal. Embrace their traits by bringing the Prowling Snow Wolf Statue into your home. This statue makes a wonderful home decor piece or a gift for a wolf enthusiast.