Wine Bottle Holders

Before you pour yourself a glass of wine, enjoy the beauty of it by placing it in one of our wine bottle holders. We carry a wide assortment of themed wine bottle holders with styles that range from fantasy and gothic to pirate and zombie. We offer fun wine guzzler bottle holders where it looks as though the character is partaking of the wine, as well as majestic dragon and Celtic bottle holders hand painted to look like ancient stone. Our zombie, gargoyle, and skeleton wine holders bring a gothic element to the table. Many of our wine bottle holders are made of high quality cold cast resin, impressively detailed, and painted by hand. Whether you are looking for a unique addition to your home decor or getting ready for a themed party, add your personal style to the wine drinking experience by displaying your favorite wine in one of our many wine bottle holders.
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Blue Serpent Dragon Wine Rack

Item # 05-71430
Dragons can become fully engrossed by what they are doing. Take, for instance, this Blue Serpent Dragon Wine Rack, which puts all its attention into its crystal ball so much so that its body serves as a perfect rack for bottles.

Dragon Head Wine Holder

Item # CC10520
Showcase your vintage of choice within the fiery mouth of this fierce dragon! The Dragon Head Wine Holder supports your bottle within its head, resting the top along the tongue of fire emerging from its open maw.

Dragon Skull Wine Bottle Holder

Item # CC10432
Show off your favorite vintage to your friends and family with this creative bottle display! The Dragon Skull Wine Bottle Holder allows you to place a bottle through the top of the skull and rest it on the tongue of the dragon.

Gargoyle Bottle Holder

Item # CC9612
Used as guardians against evil spirits, gargoyles often take the form of some grotesque creature or animal. The Gargoyle Bottle Holder appears as a chimera with bat-like wings, a lionesque head, and the tail of a dragon.
$41.00 $36.90

Gargoyle Wine Holder

Item # CC10519
When you want to draw attention to your favorite vintage, nothing works better than the Gargoyle Wine Holder! This fierce bottle holder depicts the head of a lionesque beast, supporting the bottle within its mouth.

Green Dragon Claw Wine Holder

Item # CC11428
Golden talons click against the stone floor. The chain rattles as the dragon draws near. Green scales gleam as the beast reaches out with its claw. The Green Dragon Claw Wine Holder keeps your favorite beverage securely in place.

Green Dragon Wine Holder

Item # CC11426
Observe the sparkling gleam in that red eye. A reptilian jaw opens wide, anticipating a treat. Ever ready to store your favorite beverage, the Green Dragon Wine Holder is a fine piece to add to your medieval fantasy home decor.

Grim Reaper Guzzler Wine Holder

Item # CC9451
Does the grim reaper have hunger? Perhaps for souls, but apparently, death itself cannot subsist on souls alone. How do we know? Because this Grim Reaper Guzzler Wine Holder seems all too eager to enjoy a good bottle of wine!
$24.00 $21.60

Guardian Dragon Wine Holder

Item # CC11827
Dragons have always been known as greedy creatures, protective of their hoard. It is no surprise, then, that the fiery beast of the Guardian Dragon Wine Holder has taken a defensive stance over the crystal-like ground he stands on!

Mermaid Wine Holder

Item # 05-91984
This stunning Mermaid Wine Holder makes a great gift for mermaid and nautical lovers. It is made from cold cast resin and hand painted to ensure a high level of detail. The base of this wine holder resembles part of an ocean world.

Octopus Wine Holder

Item # CC12061
Octopuses are very intelligent, but they are trapped underwater, where industry and artistic expression are impossible. That is why this octopus needs a drink! The Octopus Wine Holder cradles your bottles with all eight tentacles.

Pirate Skull Wine Bottle Holder

Item # GB-WW-6156
Glug glug glug... save some for the rest of us! This Pirate Skull Wine Bottle Holder features a skeletal pirate holding prepared to hold a wine bottle as if hes drinking from it. Clad in iconic pirate attire, this bottle holder is a must have for a pirate themed bar.