Wiccan Rings

Here we carry a wide assortment of Wiccan jewelry, such as these Wiccan rings, in many eye-catching styles. Our pagan ring designs use a number of popular Wiccan motifs, including pentagrams, the Seal of Solomon, serpents, ravens, crescent moons, the triple goddess, broomsticks, heptagrams, and many more. We also offer a handful of unique Wiccan ring designs like poison rings and signet rings. Many of these pieces are available in sizes suitable for men and women, and certain ones allow you to pick your choice of gemstone. No matter whether you follow Wiccan beliefs or simply enjoy striking jewelry, you can find stylish pieces for your outfit here in this section!
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Wise Owl Ring

Item # PS-TR3768
This ring depicts an old, wise owl with gem eyes that captures the regal appearance and perceptive nature of the owl, empowering the wearer with the owls revered intellect. It is also a striking decoration that few will overlook.