Wiccan Rings

Here we carry a wide assortment of Wiccan jewelry, such as these Wiccan rings, in many eye-catching styles. Our pagan ring designs use a number of popular Wiccan motifs, including pentagrams, the Seal of Solomon, serpents, ravens, crescent moons, the triple goddess, broomsticks, heptagrams, and many more. We also offer a handful of unique Wiccan ring designs like poison rings and signet rings. Many of these pieces are available in sizes suitable for men and women, and certain ones allow you to pick your choice of gemstone. No matter whether you follow Wiccan beliefs or simply enjoy striking jewelry, you can find stylish pieces for your outfit here in this section!
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Silver Heart Pentacle Ring with Amethyst Accent

Item # DD-TR-3846-AM
You do not need to attach pagan belief or wiccan tradition to this Silver Heart Pentacle Ring with Amethyst Accent to appreciate its beauty, nor do you need to feel its spiritual power to enjoy the look that it brings to your attire.

Silver Horned Moon Pentacle Poison Ring

Item # DD-TR-3643
At first glance, this handsome ring could almost be mistaken for a stylized signet ring of Celtic or pagan origin. To the owner or the observant onlooker, this Silver Horned Moon Pentacle Poison Ring takes on a new look and feel.

Silver Moon Goddess Ring with Gemstone

Item # PS-TR3766
Decorated with the recognizable Triple Goddess emblem, the Silver Moon Goddess Ring with Gemstone provides an excellent way to accessorize yourself in traditional Wiccan elements without compromising on your eclectic modern style!

Silver Moon Pentacle Ring

Item # DD-TR-3396
The magic of the moon, the spirit, and the four elements are all key parts of many pagan rituals and rites. This Silver Moon Pentacle Ring features symbols representative of all these things, brought together in one harmonious design.

Silver Moon Ring

Item # PS-TR3785
With intricate scrollwork and a pair of crescent moons surrounding your choice of stunning gem in this ring. The Silver Moon Ring is truly inspiring to see, and a great accent to show off when worn.

Silver Snake and Pentacle Ring

Item # PS-TR3784
As snakes grow and shed their skin they leave a reminder of renewal behind. For most people, renewal helps balance a healthy existence. Let the Silver Snake and Pentagram Ring serve as a reminder of the power of renewal.

Silver Tree Pentagram Ring

Item # DD-TR-3417
A touch of mysticism can sometimes be a very good thing. Such is the case with this Silver Tree Pentagram Ring, which features a mystic looking seal on its face that combines two old symbols into one impressive design.

Small Silver Tree Pentacle Ring

Item # DD-TR-3496
A bit of pagan style is not necessarily a bad thing, you know. Take this Small Silver Tree Pentacle Ring, which brings an element or two of old design to an accessory that serves well as a part of historic, ceremonial, or modern garb!

Sterling Silver Butterfly Pentacle Toe Ring

Item # DD-TTR-001
Symbolizing transformative powers and spiritual harmony, the Sterling Silver Butterfly Pentacle Toe Ring depicts a gorgeous Celtic knotwork butterfly with a small pentacle at its center, all in high quality, solid sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Moon Pentacle Poison Ring

Item # DD-TR-3620
Symbols intertwine to form new meaning in the Sterling Silver Moon Pentacle Poison Ring. This silver Wiccan ring is a gorgeous personal accessory with a secret. The rings design can be opened to reveal a tiny storage compartment.

Sterling Silver Raven Pentacle Toe Ring

Item # DD-TTR-002
An emblem and omen in a variety of mythologies, the raven often represents fate, power, and occultic transformation. Invoke the aura of this iconic bird of history and myth when you wear the Sterling Silver Raven Pentacle Toe Ring.

Sterling Silver Tree Pentacle Poison Ring

Item # DD-TRI-085
The beauty of the sky and earth find balance within each other in the Sterling Silver Tree Pentacle Poison Ring. The design on this ring face depicts both an upright pentagram and an ancient tree with sprawling branches.