Wiccan Earrings

Wicca makes use of many striking motifs and symbols, as seen in the designs of the Wiccan earrings offered here. We carry Wiccan hook earrings and Wiccan stud earrings featuring crescent moons, pentagrams, ravens, the triple goddess, and heptagrams. Additionally, we offer a series of dangle earrings featuring wedge-shaped earrings that celebrate each of the eight Sabbats - Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon, and Samhain. Most of our earring designs require pierced ears to wear. Peruse our Wicca earring section to find the perfect pair to accompany one of our Wiccan necklaces or pendants for a stunning look!
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Silver Samhain Earrings

Item # DD-TE-2837
These Silver Samhain Earrings are a pair of identical wedges, taken from the Gaelic wheel calendar. These earrings are devoted to their namesake, Samhain, which was a Gaelic seasonal festival that marked the change in the season.

Silver Solar Healing Earrings

Item # PS-TER1547
Even when cast in sterling silver, the healing touch of the sun cannot be denied! There is no power so warm and inviting, no touch so strong and uplifting, as the suns might, masterfully embodied in the Silver Solar Healing Earrings!

Silver Talisman of Life Earrings

Item # PS-TER1584
When it comes to valuing life, there is no such thing as going overboard. In honor of life and everything it touches, the Silver Talisman of Life Earrings celebrate the classic symbols that Wiccan practitioners hold in highest esteem.

Silver Winged Pentacle Earrings

Item # PS-TER1592
Symbols of protection take many forms throughout the world, from the pentacle of Wiccan culture to the wings of an angel in Christianity. The Silver Winged Pentacle Earrings combine two such talismans into a flawless accessory!

Silver Yule Earrings

Item # DD-TE-2838
These Silver Yule Earrings are a pair of identical wedges, taken from the Gaelic wheel calendar. These earrings are devoted to their namesake, Yule, which was a Gaelic festival that marked a specific time in the year.

Spiral Crescent Moon Earrings

Item # PS-TEV2914
For a beautiful reminder of the interconnectedness of everything, as well as some lovely natural appeal, pick up the Spiral Crescent Moon Earring, which will bring lunar grace and beauty to your look any time you wear them.

Sterling Silver Pentacle Fairy Earrings

Item # DD-TE-2923
Two magical entities come together in these beautiful and unique Sterling Silver Pentacle Fairy Earrings. The beautiful fairy and supernatural pentacle create a combination that will make your favorite look absolutely mystifying.

Tree of Celestial Power Earrings

Item # PS-TER1582
The energy of the celestial bodies is the strongest power known to man. Wicca practitioners know this, revering the sun and moon as necessary for life. This balance of power is expressed in the Tree of Celestial Power Earrings.

Triple Goddess Stud Earrings

Item # AG-E401
Depicting a pearlescent full moon flanked by waning and waxing crescent moons, our Triple Goddess Stud Earrings symbolize the Triple Goddess of common Wicca traditions in her three forms, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

Triple Pentagram Earrings

Item # 090-SS13
The pentagram is primarily known as a religious symbol for Wiccans and Christians, but it also serves geometric and feng shui functions. Whatever you practice or study, the Triple Pentagram Earrings make a great accessory to any outfit.

Vermeil Cut Out Tree Pentacle Earrings

Item # DD-TEV-2905
For a true accent of Celtic style, the classic designs are some of the best to wear. Few are more iconic then the Celtic Tree of Life, which is featured in all its knotted detail in these lovely Vermeil Cut Out Tree Pentacle Earrings.

White Bronze Chalice Well Earrings

Item # PS-WZTE2893
Considered a focus of peace, spirituality, and healing for people of all faiths, the Chalice Well is awe inspiring. The White Bronze Chalice Well Earrings are crafted with intricate details, reflecting the sacred beauty.