Viking Statues

If you happen to be in the market for a Viking statue, then this is the ideal place to search. Offering a wide array of distinctive designs, our Viking sculptures depict some of the most popular figures in Viking culture, such as Odin, Valkyries, Thor, Tyr, Frigga, Loki, Freya, Fenrir, Baldur, Heimdall, and others. Some of our Norse statues depict famous scenes from Viking mythology, including titanic struggles between heroic figures and monstrous beasts, while others are simple depictions and Viking busts of the Norse gods and their divine servants. Of course, no series of Viking statues would be complete if we did not include an actual Viking here and there, engaging in some heroic act of combat or skill. These Viking figurines are fantastic decorations and great gifts. Each one is tastefully detailed, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit the space you have available. Browse our selection, and you will find the perfect piece of Viking decor for your home!
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Small Freya Statue

Item # DD-322-SFY
This Small Freya Statue depicts the Norse goddess of love, who was widely claimed to be the most beautiful of the Norse goddesses. Shown in regal elegance and grandeur, this sculpture certainly does her legend all the detail it is due.

Standing Viking Warrior Statue

Item # CC8734
The Standing Viking Warrior Statue depicts a classic Viking warrior standing with his weapons ready, as though about to enter into battle. With his ornate weapons and armor, this Viking has the look of a seasoned and decorated warrior.

Thor Bust

Item # CC11144
One of the most famous gods to have come from Norse mythology, Thor was known to easily crush mountains and slaughter foes. Allow this might protector of mankind to look over your desk or shelf at all times with this Thor Bust.

Thor Bust Statue

Item # CC8451
Thor is a well-known god from Norse mythology. He is the son of Odin and is associated with thunder, storms, and strength. He is also well-known as the wielder of the hammer, Mjolnir. He is depicted in the Thor Bust Statue.

Thor God of Thunder Statue

Item # DD-179-SWTH
The mighty Thor will stand proudly on your desk or shelf when you add our Thor God of Thunder Statue to your home or office decor. This resin figurine is a historical and detailed depiction of classic Norse myth iconography.

Thor God of Thunder Statue

Item # WU-1858
When the Vikings looked towards the sky and asked for an answer for what caused a thunderstorm, they made Thor. Our Thor God of Thunder Statue is crafted from cold cast bronze and depicts the Norse God with Mjolnir above his head.

Thor Statue

Item # WU-1342
Coming down from the heavens with Mjolnir in hand is the almighty Thor, and he is charging head first into battle. Have the Norse god of thunder defend your house from ice giants with the Thor Statue.

Tyr and Fenrir Statue

Item # WU-1531
Tyr is one of the most heroic gods from Norse mythology, as he put his hand into the mouth of the wolf Fenrir so the beast would agree to be bound. This memorable scene is depicted with stunning detail in this Tyr and Fenrir Statue.

Tyr and the Binding of Fenrir Statue

Item # WU-1818
Tyr was the only god brave enough to willingly put his hand in the mouth of the fearsome wolf Fenrir. The Tyr and the Binding of Fenrir Statue depicts this iconic scene from Norse mythology in beautiful, cold cast bronze detail.

Valkyrie Bust Statue

Item # CC8279
The Valkyrie Bust statue represents the chooser of the slain from Norse mythology. The Valkyrie is one of a host of female figures who decides who will die in battle. The Valkyries bring their chosen to the afterlife hall of the slain.

Victorious Mythic Viking Statue

Item # CC12357
Nothing proves the defeat of your enemies better than their bones resting at your feet. Standing calm and proud as he leans leisurely on his mighty sword, the warrior of the Victorious Mythic Viking Statue knows just that feeling.

Viking Boat Statue

Item # WU-1511
Crafted with a design that made it easy for raiders to pull up straight onto beaches, Viking ships were a crucial part of Norse naval power. The Viking Boat Statue displays the long, graceful look of this vessel with its oars.