Viking Statues

If you happen to be in the market for a Viking statue, then this is the ideal place to search. Offering a wide array of distinctive designs, our Viking sculptures depict some of the most popular figures in Viking culture, such as Odin, Valkyries, Thor, Tyr, Frigga, Loki, Freya, Fenrir, Baldur, Heimdall, and others. Some of our Norse statues depict famous scenes from Viking mythology, including titanic struggles between heroic figures and monstrous beasts, while others are simple depictions and Viking busts of the Norse gods and their divine servants. Of course, no series of Viking statues would be complete if we did not include an actual Viking here and there, engaging in some heroic act of combat or skill. These Viking figurines are fantastic decorations and great gifts. Each one is tastefully detailed, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit the space you have available. Browse our selection, and you will find the perfect piece of Viking decor for your home!
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Odin All-Father Statue

Item # DD-181-SWOD
The All-Father Norse god of wisdom here appears as the perfect size for your home or office. The Odin All-Father Statue stands proud alongside his animal companions, adorned with traditionally inspired detail in this unique statue.

Odin and Sleipnir Statue

Item # CC8430
Odin possessed many animal companions, including ravens and hunting hounds, but none were grander than his mighty steed, Sleipnir. In the Odin and Sleipnir Statue, the pair is depicted as Odin gives a cry while riding off to war.

Odin Bust Statue

Item # CC8280
The Odin Bust Statue represents the chief god in Norse Mythology and the ruler of the Asgard. His role is complex and he is considered a principal member of the Norse Pantheon. He is associated with wisdom, war, battle, and death.

Odin Mini Norse Statue

Item # CC13191
The Vikings believed in the Norse Gods, especially Odin. Honor the god of wisdom and magic with the smaller and more adorable Odin Mini Norse Statue. Add some fun to statue collections and home decor with this cartoon-like statue.

Odin on Throne Statue

Item # CC12743
Odin the All-Father is chief god of the Norse pantheon. The Odin on Throne Statue depicts the god of both war and wisdom seated on an ornate throne, his spear Gungnir in hand, with his two wolves, Geri and Freki, at his side.

Odin Riding Sleipnir Statue

Item # WU-1369
The All Father is the ruler of Asgard, god of war, wisdom, poetry, and death. See the majesty of the Norse high god, in extraordinarily detailed cold cast bronze, with the Odin Riding Sleipnir Statue.

Odin Seated on Throne Statue

Item # WU-1474
In Nordic lore, Odin is the king of all gods, a supremely wise man who possesses a spear which never misses and employs ravens to keep him informed. The Odin Seated on Throne Statue depicts this Norse god resting upon an ornate throne.

Pewter Viking Chief Sculpture

Item # MEMA046
The Viking Chief sculpture is cast in pewter. Each Viking Chief sculpture has a pewter or stone base and rests on a wooden platform. The wood platforms are generally 2 inches square with the character name on the platform.

Pewter Viking War Chief Sculpture

Item # MEMA069
The Viking War Chief sculpture is cast in pewter. Each Viking War Chief sculpture has a pewter or stone base and rests on a wooden platform. The wood platforms are generally 2 inches square with the character name on the platform.

Ram Horn Helmet Skull Statue

Item # CC10687
Crafted with attention to detail, this warrior skull wears an ornate helmet with curling horns emerging from each side. The Ram Horn Helmet Skull Statue makes a striking decoration for anyone who enjoys unique home accents.

Red and White Viking Longship Replica

Item # WU-1558
Longships were used for trade, commerce, exploration, and warfare during the Viking Age. Featuring a roaring dragon head on the bow, this Red and White Viking Longship Replica makes an excellent gift for explorers and reenactors.

Seated Freya Statue

Item # DD-165-FYAW
This Seated Freya Statue has the look of Norse craftsmanship. Its overall detailing and wooden finish make it seem very much as though it were carved from a block of wood, which makes it a rather desirable piece for any enthusiasts.