Viking Statues & Collectibles

Have you ever wanted to see a Viking in action? Truth be told, it is not a common sight. But now you can not only see it, but immortalize that moment with a great statue or collectible! We carry a wide variety of Viking statues and collectibles that are perfect for decorating with, all of which demonstrate a stellar Viking design drawn from Norse history, lore, and legend. Some of our Viking statues depict the gods themselves, showing off the potential likeness of legendary deities like Odin, Thor, Loki, Freyr, Freyja, Frigga, and more. Some depict the gods during some of their more well-known legends, like Thor batting Jormungandr, while others depict the gods in a more traditional sense, showing their glory for all to see and enjoy. Other statues are dedicated to the men and women who worshipped them, depicting Viking warriors and shield maidens as they stand tall and as they battle. No matter the subject, though, these Viking statues are all made in quality materials like cold cast resin and cast bronze resin, while featuring an impressive level of detail that makes each one an impressive sight to behold. We also offer other Viking collectibles and home decor here, such as our variety of Viking wall plaques. You need not lack for Norse detailing or Viking decor when it comes to your mead hall or longhouse.
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All-Father Odin Goblet

Item # CC11873
With an unquenchable desire to attain incredible wisdom, the Norse god Odin is among the most revered of the Asgardians, earning the title of All-Father. Now you can toast to the King of Asgard with the All-Father Odin Goblet!

Baldur Statue

Item # CC10415
In Norse mythology, Baldur appears as a god of light and purity who was made invulnerable to everything except mistletoe. The Baldur Statue depicts him bare chested with long hair, a beard, and a star icon at his waist.

Battling Thor Statue

Item # CC8431
In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the last battle that reduces the world to ash. During the battle, Thor is fated to fight his greatest enemy, the world serpent Jormungandr. This epic battle is depicted in the Battling Thor Statue.

Bloodaxe Mini Norse Statue

Item # SC9206
Mighty and miniature, the Bloodaxe Mini Norse Statue is perfect for showing off Viking warrior spirit anywhere. This Viking statuette depicts the adorable Bloodaxe the Viking with a horned helm, braided red beard, and axe in hand.

Bronze Loki Statue

Item # CC8850
The Bronze Loki Statue depicts the complex god from ancient Norse mythology with two of his most fearsome children. Often viewed as a trickster and a villain, Loki is here shown armed with a halberd and dressed in full armour.

Bronze Mjolnir Wall Plaque

Item # CC10868
The hammer of the Norse god of thunder Thor was so incredibly powerful that legend says it could crush large mountains into nothing. Showcase this mighty weapon of myth on the walls of your home using the Bronze Mjolnir Wall Plaque.

Bronze Skadi Goddess of Winter Statue

Item # WU-1674
A huntress goddess and giantess with a fierce independence streak, Skadi was happiest bowhunting in the mountains. This Bronze Skadi Goddess of Winter Statue depicts her hunting on skiis with two wolf companions.

Bronze Skadi Statue

Item # CC8930
Norse divinities are divided into several different categories, and one such grouping is the jotunn. These nature spirits are often regarded as enemies, but some, like the one depicted in the Bronze Skadi Statue, are gods.

Bronze Thor Attacks Statue

Item # CC8929
There is not a more well-known Norse god than Thor, the god of lightning, thunder, and strength. In the Bronze Thor Attacks Statue, this famous son of Odin charges across the ground, swinging his mighty hammer in a wide arc.

Celtic Wheel of the Year Plaque

Item # DD-131-WOY
In the pagan calendar, there are eight holidays, or sabbats, that are celebrated throughout the year. When you hang up this Celtic Wheel of the Year Plaque, you are not likely to miss any of them, as all are clearly depicted!

Crouching Thor Statue

Item # CC12744
The Norse god of thunder kneels on the battlefield ground, preparing to strike any unwary foes. The Crouching Thor Statue depicts the Viking deity Thor in impressive, realistic detail, hand finished for an antique sculpture effect.

Denmark Viking Stein

Item # CG4519
This impressive specimen is a new take on the traditional German Stein. Featuring iconic shaping, this Denmark Viking Stein colorfully depicts a few touches of classic Norse symbolism, while also featuring a touch of Viking style.